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Wet helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hoski, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Got caught in another Melbourne downpour last night (the drought seems a long time ago). This morning I put my helmet on and it's still damp and cold from the night before.
    Apart from HTFU and moving cities, anyone got any tips on drying out helmets? (Reckon it might make too much noise in the dryer!)

  2. radiant heat - from a distance not close up
  3. Keep it on your head until it is dry? 8-[
  4. Take the liner out overnight?
  5. may not be able too

    buy a new helmet :)
  6. Damn, all i got is HTFU.
  7. wear your spare helmet (doesnt everybody have a spare?)

    or as mentioned HTFU lol
  8. remove visor, place in well ventilated area and let it dry, the smell of a manky helmet is nauseating
  9. Wot Smee said. If you can leave it in the sun by a window it'll help.
  10. Tip it upside down and put water cress seeds in it.
    They'll draw the moisture out.
  11. hair dryer?
  12. Hair dryer from a distance?

    Oh, and HTFU. :)
  13. Ahh.. beaten by twistngo by about 5 seconds!! :D
  14. You're assuming I own such a thing! Or have hair to dry in the first place.:p

    Anyone ever tried rolled-up newspapers?
  15. pinch the wife or girlfriends's hairdryer and use it on low...

    otherwise HTFU :)
  16. I got caught too!!

    Maybe take off the visor, and place it over (not directly on top of!!!) a ducted heating vent?

    You could maybe put it on one of those fold-out clothes airers (if you have one) so it is suspended a foot or two above the vent.

    Also - while I think of it - you could peg your gloves up over the vent to dry out.

    Finally if you have leather boots, do them up so that they maintain their shape while they're drying (stuffing them with newspaper whilst drying can also help with this).

  17. Rode thru a locust onslaught few months ago on the way from Melbourne to Adelaide and my helmet was full of blood and guts by the time I arrived. Took all the inner pads and removable parts out got them washed as well as washed the helmet itself. Once dry put everything back together and the helmet felt snug and good as new again.
  18. I don't recommend a hair dryer, unless it just blows ambient temp air. Under the lining is fairly soft foam. And it melts and shrinks very easily. Put it in a well ventilated place. If you put it out in the sun don't have the inside up at the sun. You could shrink that foam and then have a medium that is now a large and wont fit properly.
    Or just wear it and your head temp will dry it in a few hours.
  19. How do you stop getting a wet head when riding through hard rain? Close all the vents??
  20. I have ridden in extreme wet conditions with both a Shoei XR1000 & Hjc IS16 helmets & my head has never got wet. Providing the visor is closed not sure how ones head would be able to get wet. A few droplets may seep thru here and there but very unlikely for your head to get saturated.