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Wet Gloves

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jawntybull, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. So who's enjoying the wet in Sydney?? I've been riding regardless, with my nice new goretex winter gloves on - but I learnt today that when it's really pouring, the rain running down the sleeves of my jacket FILLS THE GLOVES UP from the inside


    So, two questions to you experienced wet weather riders:
    - do you ride with your gloves inside or outside your jacket sleeves? It seems to me that putting the glove wrist section INSIDE the sleeve would stop my problem, and
    - any tips for drying waterproof gloves that are full of water???

  2. If its raining fairly heavy, I pull my gloves inside my jacket sleeves.
    Drying your gloves ... damn I'd perhaps hang em in front of a heater ??
  3. now why didn't I think of that

  4. Definitely outside the sleeves.
    If I shoved my gloves inside my sleeves my hands would get cold and the gloves would just fall out onto the road anyway. ;)
  5. In really wet weather I wear my light vented summer gloves so I still have a good feel (no jokes LOL ) I wring them out at fuel stops and they dry quite fast.

    I don't much bother about getting wet hands.
    Now some smart alec will say your hands get cold that way but no mention in the 1st post was made about being cold :p

    ps apologies to alec :LOL:
  6. Interesting that this topic should pop up. Yesterday was a miserable misty rainy day and all my gear kept me pretty dry.

    I can see the advantage of over the top of the sleeve when moving, water would travel over the glove and onto the sleeve. Stopping however, if you have your hands down, water could drip back into the glove.

    Gloves tucked into the sleeve, rain would get in at the cuff?
  7. Sleeve over glove gauntlet avoids water ingress... but you get air up your sleeve.

    Typical winter gloves are water proof and have a thermal insulating liner. Your hands might remain dry inside them when it's raining but if you take your gloves off, and your hands then become wet, it's bloody murder getting the gloves back on with wet hands. There's too much friction between your hand and the liner. If your gloves are already wet on the inside when you take them off, forget about getting your hands back in them! (Usually the fingers of the liner come out with your hand)

    As for drying, I've safely dried my gloves out by baking them in an oven at the lowest setting and turning often. No seriously. I also leave the door open so that the temperature can't get too high. Placing them infront of heater or on top of a hot hearth will work too. Just be aware not to get them too hot... you could damage your gloves.
  8. Yeah, gloves inside sleeves :)

    I don't mind getting wet hands, often my gloves are still wet the next day but it doesn't bother me. I've dried them a few times with a hair dryer and that works.
  9. Not really enjoying it.. but yeah it sucks :(

    Big tip is to buy a size larger than you need, as constant drying will shrink them :D

    I just wear some random crap ones during winter, ignore the fact that my hands are always cold and wet, and dry them at the end of each day.
  10. I wear my summer all year round. I keep multiple pairs of surgical gloves on the bike for applying first aid but I can also wear them under my gloves in the wet so still get the feel and hands are dry
  11. This might work for people with bigger gloves and smaller hands. I find sometimes that after the initial snugness is gone and you get a pair of comfy but a teeny bit loose gloves that getting it wet then blow drying it is a good thing.

    Mmmm. Warm gloves - love putting them on. Snug too!
  12. i always put my gloves inside my sleeves... no cold air up the arms, as there is a "press-stud" to close the sleeves :)
  13. Just get one of those crappy Rjays plactic jackets they are like 30 bucks fit over your normal jacket and have elastic on the cuff so you can go over your glove and have it seal so no air get up ya. Got home bone dry yesturday even through the 5pm downpoor
  14. That is good advice, before I got winter gloves I used to do this with a pair of latex gloves underneath. Worked 100%.

    Drying, I put them in front of the heater pegged on a clothes horse.
  15. The gloves I have has a outer section which goes outside the jackets, and a inner section that goes inside the jacket. Never had any issues in light rain with them.
  16. I bought the DriRider Storm gloves, just slightly too big. I also bought some thermal glove liners from Icebreaker. These go inside my gloves fine.
  17. My rain suit is a one piece that goes over the leathers. My gloves are on the inside of the sleeve but still over the leather jacket sleeve.
    As far as drying the gloves I just dry out as much as possible with towels and leave to dry in a warm place. When refueling or taking a break I used to put my gloves on the engine to keep em warm.
  18. I ride a cruiser, so my gloves go outside the sleeves so the water can run down my arm, because my hands are up high.

    On a sports bike though, your hand and wrist will usually be lower than your forearm, so then you wear the gloves inside the sleeve. Then the water runs down the sleeve and over the glove.
  19. Cut the tips of the fingers off the gloves, that way the water can leave the gloves effectively. :grin:

  20. Don't worry i got the joke.. and i chuckled a little... not much though, cuz really your sleeves are too tight to let the gloves fall out. :p