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Wet Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Faramir, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. My gloves are wet. I used a hair dryer, blowing cold air into the gloves. The gloves are Rivets. They are cheap. Some rain soak through the gloves. (The gloves were supposed to be waterproof). I think most rain fell through gap between my arm and the opening of the gloves.The glove was more wet inside around the wrist area than the fingers. Does anyone have similar problems to me? It was raining heavy in Sydney over the past number of days.

  2. I didnt have that problem but apparently you can wear those thin rubber gloves over your leather ones. You look like 1930's Mickey Mouse but supposedly keeps the leather gloves nice and dry :)
  3. as Romus said, by a box of the latex gloves from woolies/chemist and keep a couple handy.
  4. yeah i just picked up a box of latex gloves at woolies for a few bucks. when its rainin i just stick em on under my bike gloves. Quite handy in the cold too. Seems to cut down the wind chill a little on the mits
  5. Can't blue card the kournikova spam. NR goes into debug mode.

    When my leather gloves have had the misfortune of getting sopping wet, I put them in the oven set to 80DegC and bake gently for a while till dry.

    Apparently I should then dubbin or condition the gloves somehow... but I never have...


  6. I didn't know that Rob, I have blue carded them before.

    so is it my fault netrider broke last week?

    Back on topic, I waterproof all my leathers with Dubbin but you have to make sure you do the seams well.
  7. Thats quite normal if the gauntlet of the glove is outside your jacket sleeve. At speed the water runs up your arm with the airflow but at low speed the water runs down the sleeve and into your glove. Try putting the jacket sleeve over the glove and the problem is fixed.