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Wet gloves = black hands

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. I've had these gloves for a year...


    They've been fine - not too hot in summer, have just about stopped my fingers from freezing mid-winter and although no doubt not the best protection around they'd be better than just skin to the road....


    This weeks rain has REALLY pissed me off. Its rained before and I've had no trouble, but this week my gloves clearly got TOO wet and my hands have gone black/blue from the dye.

    The blackness is really hard to get rid of so I sit at my desk all day with day with colourful hands - its a bit strange really!

    Is there a way to 'fix ' the gloves? Are they just to old? (too much sweat?) - Are replacements necessary?

    Does everyone suffer from this? How do you get your hands clean again?

    (stupid trivial problem but its bugging me! :p )
  2. Tell people that ask that you have a terminal disease that affects the blood flow to your hands.

    But seriously, I don't know any dyed leather that doesn't seep colour when wet.

    My gloves do the same it just fades during the day.
    Simply buy waterproof gloves
  3. A good trick is to wear some rubber gloves (dish type) under your main glove when its belting down.

    Also stops your fingers freezing in winter :wink:
  4. too thick.

    Use latex surgical gloves.

    Or better still, use proper waterproof winter gloves ;)
  5. Andy Strap has the best waterproof overmittons.
  6. not sure about that!

    if you have hands that naturally release more sweat/water, then having a waterproof layer next to your skin can make cold much much worse.

    dry and warm is the way to be
  7. Amen to that. Andystrapz are now Aussie distributor for Rain-off overgloves. Excellent product from a New Zealand company, actually MADE in NZ, not just imported from some sweatshop in China and it shows in quality. I've been using mine for over a year now and I'm a great fan.

    The problem with wearing latex gloves under your riding gloves is that your riding gloves are still getting soaked - it's not that great for them, and they will make your fingers cold eventually. Overgloves protect you and your gloves - the only disadvantage is they look sort of dorky. But when you're riding in the rain this should be the least of your worries...

    So yeah - not cheap but totally worth it! Especially considering some people can spend hundreds of dollars searching for that elusive water-proof riding glove.
  8. I have a Pair of 'Top Rider' gloves the leave my hands purple after riding in the rain. (other than that awsome golves that have lasted years of daily riding)

    I also have a pair of cheap 'DriRider' gloves that although leave my hand wet dont leave them looking diseased.

    My advice would be to get some cheap wet weather gloves for rainy days :grin:
  9. Hey, had the same happen to me with my summer gloves.

    As soon as I took them off I went straight for the cleansers. Using CLR and Stain remover for clothes I had a pot scubber(Green wiry thing) and scrubbed for 3-5 mins. Got most of it off skin but had a little trouble with the nails. If I had ammonia would have used that too.

    I think anything heavy duty will get most of it off, just moisturise afterwards.
  10. "Use the Solvol, Jeffrey!"