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Wet feet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by David@DHill, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. I just rode over the Harbour Bridge in heavy rain, and at my destination took off my boots, to find my socks were soaking. I was wearing rain pants over new Alpinestars SMX-5 boots.

    I'd assumed the Alpinestars would keep water out in rainy conditions, but perhaps I'm wrong about that..?

    So, how do you keep your feet dry? Wet feet and winter won't be a nice combo.
  2. Mate, you didn't buy a waterproof boot. The S-MX5 is a ventillated boot, not waterproof.

    There is a waterproof version, as well as a goretex version. But the "basic" one - no unfortunately.
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    Quick search shoes that SMX-5s are not supposed to be waterproof!
    You could try plastic bags over the top (don't laugh, many have done it), rubber booties (yes, they exist) or just get some waterproof winter boots.

    edit. viglinks not my doing but the first one is spot on.
  4. I used to put plastic bags over my shoes and held them with a rubber band. Throw away bags before walking.
  5. Ohhhhhh.
  6. Had one ride in heavy rain in my non W Proof SMX-5s and it seems that the water gets in through the stitching as well as the vent on the front. Maybe. Plan to try sticking some tape over the vent next time it rains and see if that is correct. Could then try some seam seal on the stitching. It looks like the SMX-5 Water-proof version is the same outer, but there is gore-tex liner that stops water coming in through the vents.

    Wondered about bicycling over boots/shoes.

    I know your problem. Was saving up for Waterproof boots, either the SMX-5 WP at $350 or the Dainese that went up from $330 to $400 when the old SMX-5 wet-ones went on sale at $150. Maybe Just keep saving for winter boots in 6 months.
  7. Well.

    At least ventilated boot will allow the water to drain out quickly....

  8. Try doing a search for motorcycle galoshes, boot covers or rain gaiters.
    Looks like the going price for such things is $50 - $60.
    The very best wet weather boots are made in Germany by Daytona.
  9. Get boots that have Gore-tex. If it ever leak it will be replaced for free.
  10. The cheapest solution is -

    Socks on
    Plastic shopping bag over socks
    Boots on

    Nothing flapping around on the outside to get caught oni slip on. Socks dry at destination.

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  11. fixed
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  12. Rjays do an overboot , they're about $25-30 for the pair .
  13. No probs ! Can't guarantee feet will stay totally dry if riding in very heavy rain for long periods (ie : hours) - not saying they won't - but they've kept my feet dry so far . For your info , 5ive (gloves brand) do some lightweight over gloves mittens , around the same price . Not sure who distributes them , I got mine from Yamaha dealer in Bairnsdale (Vic) when I was there last month .
  14. Mate, $200 will get you a pair of A* Alpha Touring waterproof boots. No baggies or over-boots necessary. I can vouch for them being waterproof and warm - they survive Hobart winters... Wear them when it's wet, wear your good boots when it's not.
  15. Also sound good. Is that this crowd? www.five-gloves.com If so, can you spot the overgloves on their site? I couldn't see them.
  16. Sorry mate , just knocking off work , yes that's the brand . Can't see them either . Leave it with me , I'll see if I can work it out .
  17. Jeebus , banghead - my mistake . Ixon , not Five .
    You want Product - Selection - Ixon page , then select Products tab then from range look for the balaclava icon (accessories) then scroll down til you see SUR-GANTS , that's them .
  18. oh LOL! They remind me of my great-grandma's oven mitts.