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Wet & Cold ...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Hey you lot ! :p
    Got home from work branding a wet crotch ( wearing plastic overppants from Ray's Outdoors) and altho my t-shirt was dry under my jacket ( Rjay's explorer ) .. the jacket was soaked. :cry:

    Noticed Rjays sell some rain paints.
    Has anyone tried these ?
    Also thinking of a new Winter Jacket, read some mixed reviews on the dri-rider ..
    any suggestions???
  2. I've got the RJays rain jacket and that's been fine for now. Same material as the pants in your post.

    As for below, I have the RJays wet weather overpants, and they've been brilliant. Have kept my Draggins completely dry. They're a more heavy duty material (if that's the right term) than the one you're asking about.

    Just found a pic of them.
    http://www.rjays.com.au/home/products/textile-vector-pants.html retail for around $80.
  3. My Motodry Duo (textile) kept me fully dry, upper body. But, after some 25mins in torrential rain on the Eastern/Eastlink), the Frank Thomas leather jeans was a bit soaked & wet crotch too, as was the DriRider lined leather gloves.

    I've switched to hybrid textile-leather pants today.
  4. Those pants look good and I dare say would be much better than the pair of $29 overpants I wear. Might head over to bikemart Saturday.
    Thanks Jorge!
    I'm assuming you wear the rain jacket over your regular jacket, so I must get one size up ?
  5. So the Jacket kept you dry ? Have you had it long?
    I ask this cause my explorer jacket kept my dry all last winter, but seems to get soaked now after 20-30 min in heavy rain. Surely the waterproofing should last years?
    I'm looking at a cpl of jackets ATM, Dri-Rider/ Rjays. Have looked at the MotoDry but wasn't sure how good they were in the Rain
  6. Hmm, haven't any leak issue with mine so far, use it everyday commute.
    Bought new December last year from Bikemart, Ringwood.
  7. If you've got overpants and want them to last a little longer without leaking - turn them inside out and duct-tape all the seams -especially around the crotch. That will keep you dry a little longer.

    Especially true for cheap plastic ones. :LOL:
  8. Just got back from Bikemart .
    I pair of Rjays Vector Pants, & an Rjays Rain Jacket later, I'm looking forward to a dry ride home.
    Thanks Guys
  9. Summer - draggins or leathers.
    Leather jacket
    Winter - RJays textile jacket and pants with thermal liners.

    IN between weeks/days/seasons - Draggins or leathers and RJAYS overpants and jacket in ventura bag.

    The RJAYS jacket and pants has a membrane, the outside is 'allowed' to get wet. One small hole in the membrane, and the inside is wet too!.

    They are cheap enough - just replace em!. Normally get a year out of RJAYS pants, 2 years out of the jacket.

    But I always have a complete change of clothes in a bag at work - one day .......
  10. I got overpants in a recent Kathmandu Sale - They cost me $30 and are "waterproof breathable" (some kind of goretex clone fabric)

    My first test in the wet was yesterday morning and my draggins stayed perfectly dry after 25 minutes of decent rain in Brisbane.

    I'm completely happy with them! :grin: :grin:

    My dri-rider jacket also kept me dry - but I'll remember next time to zip up my pockets - which did seem to collect a bit of water in them! :eek: :oops: :cry:
  11. The RJays pockets are not waterproof - external pockets.
    Internal pockets are.

    Learnt the hard way
  12. I have a similar pair of Rjay's pants......

    The zippers at the ankles are an absolute pain in the ar#e, constantly jamming / catching on the 'internal expansion flairs'.

    And they are only water resistant not proof. A long ride in heavyish rain and they soak thru.
  13. If you mean the vector Rjays, I know what you mean regarding the zip and the "inner flaps", an absolute pain in the backside when they get caught. On soaking through, I've never had an issue with them yet.
  14. Us old blokes have enough trouble getting dressed.
    Putting one of those one piece suits on would be a hoot to watch!.

    High pants + low waisted jacket = full coverage