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Wet Clutch System on the GPX

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Stocky, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. I have a GPX and I am warming it up according to the owners manual – 10 to 30 seconds depending on the ambient temp..

    As soon as I put it into first the bike jumps forward and stalls.

    I would normally assume that the clutch needs to be adjusted but it only happens when the bike is cold – as soon as I get going the bike changes gear perfectly.. even into first when I am taking off from an intersection!

    Is this due to the wet clutch system? Do I just need to warm it up for longer? Or does the clutch really need adjusting?
  2. may need an oil change.

    but also try...
    rolling backwards slightly as you let the clutch out.
    no idea exactly what it does, but my gpx got moving when i did that.

    it was also only while it was cold. But i think i changed oil and it was fine.
  3. Thanks, I'll try that.

  4. I have a GPX and noticed that when cold, it would stall as I put it into first gear. If I give it a few minutes of idle to warm up then it will change without stalling and even more smootlhy once the engine is at normal operating temperature.
    I have found that if the engine is cold and I need to get going and don't have time to warm it up, I change into first while I give the throttle a quick little rev so it won't stall.
  5. Hey Vic,

    I'm just up the road from you.. in Selby!

    I guess I have been too anxious to get going.. I have let it idle for a minute max (and I thought that was 30 seconds to long!)

    Mental note...Stocky must remember to take deep breaths and be more patient.

    I will also do an oil change this weekend.. as it's a new bike it won't hurt.
  6. Some nice roads up there in Selby and Clematis for riders to enjoy. :wink:
  7. Kawasaki knunk! Both my Z and GTR have done it.
    Pump the clutch cable several times as you warm the bike up, to help seperate the clutch plates that stick a bit sitting overnight, and to get some oil circulating in between teh plates.
    It will still klunk, but not nearly as badly. Teh Z would sometimes do it so bad it would stall.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. This table in this part of the manual is actually referring to riding away with choke on straight away, the times given do not refer to how long the bike should be warmed up with choke but actually how long you should leave choke on if you ride off. If you are warming your bike up according to this table, it is probably the reason why it stalls when put into first.
  9. Exactly what he said. I had a zzr and if i didnt pull the clutch in several times during warm up it would do it. Do an oil change and it might relieve it a little. BUt i doubt it will go away as it is a common thing with them.
  10. If your GPX has been fully broken in (more than 6,500 kms) you can put in synthetic oil which lessens the tendency of the bike jumping forward. (GPX = US Ninja EX250)

    Read up about it here
  11. How long do you guys warm up for? The dealer who sold me my bike said "don't ride until it reaches that first mark on the temperature gauge". Okay, fine. Only... it never reaches that point... until I ride! Does anyone else find this as well??? It's such a catch-22!!! Or was he talking s***?

    I don't want to wait and wait because the manual says don't idle more than 5 minutes. So I just go out, turn it on, and slowly put on the helmet, jacket, gloves, strap on the load, hop on, and go. But I worry that I'm doing my baby damage by this. *worried frown* Anyone?
  12. That is pretty much what I do, it warms up for a minute or two.
  13. Thanks for the link.. the site has a lot of useful info

    I've did an oil change this morning but I'm waiting for the weather to clear up before I take it for a ride.. Oh Melbourne weather!

    Upon further inspection that is very true.. thanks for clarifying that.

    It's not because the bike was cold that it stalled.. if I tried to drive too early in winter in my POS car it would struggle and stall and my bike is not doing this.. it jumps forwards and although I have the clutch pulled in it is like it is still partially engaged.

    The link that Kamikaze_Kawasaki directed me to says there is not enough oil around the clutch and I should hold the clutch in while it warms up to let the oil circulate.

    I will try this when it stops raining.

    I do think I should let it warm up for a bit longer.

    Have a look at this
  14. Sounds like standard GPX behaviour. Some have got it worse than others - bottom line is the oil in the clutch is cold. Pumping the clutch or holding it in before engaging a gear is the easy solution. That'll let the oil move around and warm up.

  15. yea as said above just hold the clutch in a while in neutral for about 15 secs then click into 1st and i have never gotten a clunk ever since i have done this.
  16. Started her up yesterday after the oil change..

    Warmed her up for 2 minutes..of this about 30 seconds holding in the clutch and it slipped into 1st perfectly.

    And now due to the oil change the engine is purring like a kitten :grin:

    Thanks guys!
  17. Clutch plates sticking is something that my bike suffers little, though not to the stalling point. Does go "clunk" when first engaged. Might try the holding in, pumping thing tommorrow, see if it improves.

    My bike's ECM tells me when it reaches a factory set temp so that I can ride. The tacho is LCD and the first bar flashes until that temp is reached. Takes about as long as putting on helmet, doing up gloves and jacket at a casual rate.
  18. Wow that is an awesome site, ta! :shock: My neighbours will be stoked that they don't have to listen to 5 minutes of engine noise each morning now.