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Wet Bikes

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by banoobi, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Who has one?

    I'd be interested to know your thoughts/opinions on owning one of these toys.

    Most people that I have spoken to suggest that they are even more fun than the two wheeled variety.

    Summer beckons.


  2. thats next on my Xmas list! lol

    i've riden quite a few and they're great fun!.... tho 15k for an average one new is a fair bit of dosh especially when here in melb you can only use it for a couple months a year!
  3. Yep, I agree with MrTypeR. Jetski's are the best fun, I reckon they're better than riding bikes.

    The problem is that they are so damn expensive. My friend and I were looking at buying a Yamaha Waverunner new a couple of years back (my wife put a stop to it) it was going to cost around the $20k mark (we were going to go halvies)

    But yeah, we tend to hire one, once a year to have a play on the water.
  4. thought about it. ridden my mates a fair bit in involock. but i think Victoria is the only state that requires a licence for them.

    they are a bit pricey. especially when you think of all the extra costs like the trailer.

    still shiet load of fun though.
  5. A friend of mine had a waverunner a couple of years ago and left it at my house over the summer for easy access to the beach.

    We spent a couple of weeks riding it pretty much every day and us much fun as it was in the beginning, it actually got quite boring toward the end.

    Running costs are quite high and considering that you ride these things flat out all the time, we went through alot of petrol and oil.

    Give me a bike and a destination anyday!
  6. You need a licence to ride one in NSW as well.
  7. I agree with that. We've got a SeaDoo jetski and while its fun to take out a few times a year it can get a little boring after a while. IMO their not worth the money. For that price you could get a pretty big tinny, then you could go fishing, drinking, exploring etc.
  8. I used to be right into jetskiing ,LOVED IT :cool: and still do ,but fuel was the final killer for me when it hit $1.
    My sitdown yamha XL was 80L tank ,not cheap if you want to ride twice a week ,I would ride about 120km on a tank ,its a long way on water ,I never sat and did 360's on the boat ramp ,like some f...kwits you see.
    My stand ski ,was cheap to buy and run ,but to much hard work and didn't get right into stand up skiing.
    I raced a few times and loved to play in the surf ,it can get boring on your own ,but there is clubs and websites like this for socail rides .
    After only a few weeks on a ski you go fishing ,over night camping tours ,watersking ,wakeboarding ,surf jumping ,racing.
    But most people only see a ski doing up and down the lake ,its a great sport easy to learn ,the whole family can get into it.
    For $10,000 you can get a great second hand ski.
    Check out ozpwc.
  9. MY best mate has one, I would never buy one but having a mate who has one is pretty cool! :cool: :cool:
  10. I was heavily into jet skiing. was part of a club (ozpwc.com) and had yamaha fx160 which has teh same engine as the R1 in it. The thing was an animal. and it is very very fun.
    Its a great summer sport. I still have all my gear (except the ski) as it was my ex father inlaws but i used it more than everyone.

    I'd like to look into the new yamaha's, they have such great featuers. fx160 is a 3 seater great for the surf.
    Seadoo make a supercharged model. Nice.
  11. 67L/100km. Wow.

    I'm surprised that jetski's are still so free of restrictions. I see kawasaki's still selling a 800cc two stroke twin.
    I don't think motorcycles have been like that since the 70's...
  12. <rave>
    Jetski's are a coastal pox,
    Bloody noisy shit things whose pilots dont know the rules of the water, run them at high speed through swimmers (not that I think you would do either of these things), and they are expensive to run and ultimately boring (unless you start using them in the surf)

    Crap Idea, buy a bigger/better bike :)


  13. Rats of the sea! :evil:
  14. (Hours of Fun) - (Hours of work) / Cost = FAIL

    You gotta buy the thing, then haul it to the water, stick it in water, take it out, service the bastard, put fuel in it. Store it in the colder months....

    If you got loads of coin, spare weekends and live close to the water, go for it.
  15. Go to Bunnings and buy a shovel.

    Dig a very deep hole in the backyard.

    Throw all your money into the hole.

    Then set fire to it.

    :LOL: .
  16. I already did that several times. :LOL:

    Some interesting opinions thus far, 50/50 each way.