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Wet and Rainy days...frighten my little gpx

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zealt, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, the weather is starting to get more cold and rainy of late in Melb and i'm not used to the wet roads, they are a little scary and i'm not leaning almost at all thinking i'm going to have little or no grip, I don't want to test the limits of grip because i don't want to wreck my bike.

    Any hints, tips or any advice in general would be fantastic.
  2. Cross tram tracks across them, don't run parallel with them.

    Light grip on the bars, relax.

    At intersections where you are turning, ride at no kms an hour if its been raining after a dry spell - this is the most likely time you'll lose traction as its oily as hell.
  3. be smooth, the key to riding in the wet is no sudden inputs. you might be suprised how much grip you have in the wet IF you controlled, smooth and reactive with your inputs.
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  5. First 20min or so is the worst but after the road has been washed cleaned it aint to bad.

    like idontlikemondays has said, no sudden inputs, be smooth and steady.

    But all in all, you can still get some nice lean even in the

  6. Don't mind PP, it's that time of the month.

    Do a search, you'll find lots about riding in the rain.

    IDM & phizog has it pretty much summarised though.
  7. We have an article here that may provide tips for you:
    As phizog stated .. be wary at intersections.
    PS: After a 'good' solid rain, you'll find the road no where near as slippery as when it rains lightly
  8. It's not too bad in the wet - everyone on a bike nods or waves in the wet! :grin:

    My little tidbit (sure to be covered under 'wet riding') is to avoid the middle of the lane at intersections even more than normal. Left wheel track or right wheel track only.

    +1 to tramtrack advice. They're not too bad, you just have to make sure you have the bike upright and going "straight" (not turning) as you cross them, and the less parallel-y you cross them, the better.
  9. Im in the same boat down in Tassie had my L's for 3 months, just starting to do some wet riding and VERY cautious in the wet. Thanks for the tips guys ill read the link no for some more advice cheers
  10. That's a good start mate. I had 2 crashes riding in rain, and both could be avoided if I didn't play motogp through the corners. DO NOT give it the berries when you're exiting the corner. Better be late for work than arrive with a wet bum :) Slow down for corners and go through them at a steady pace.
  11. K thanks guys, so im doing what i should be most of the time, i just need to loosen up the rest of the time.

    i just keep seeing images of me sliding along and the bike hitting a wall or something, ( i think thats what im more worried about, THE BIKE!)
  12. As others have said, slow down especially on corners. As a new rider myself, I take the attitude that I ride at a speed that I am comfortable with for the circumstances, and if it takes an extra 5 or 10 mins to get somewhere, so be it, at least I have got there safely.