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Westy's in FNQ!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Driving home up the Captain Cook Highway to Palm Cove in the traffic that laughably passes as rush hour, when I spot a very loud and very green Holden Ute come up. Bright green, massive wheels, twin pipes making an unseemly racket and a "13" sticker on the back window. Mmmm, I know that logo!

    Coz 400 bazillion KW don't actually make you go over the top of cars in traffic, this time I got another chance to check out the car as it went past. Yup, it's Westy and passenger. Being a boofehead I shout out 'Westy!' and so he blips it up just a little for me! That car was loud! Loud pipes, loud colour, loud wheels!

    So, does he live here, or just on hols?

    [edited coz I got the road name wrong...d'oh!]
  2. I wonder if that ute was a going away present from Kawasaki?
  3. You noticed everything else about the vehicle except the number plates ???
  4. Queensland is a big place. So, unless you can work out the current location of an owner from their QLD registration, you're guess is as good as mine.
  5. It was green enough!
  6. I'm obscurely pleased that this was a story about a bloke called 'Westy', rather than that you meant to write 'Westies in FNQ!'. Though I suspect that would also be a very true headline...
  7. Phew!
  8. What are bogans called in FNQ then ?? Locals ??
  9. off season, FNQ is the place to go.... go westy.
  10. ^This is funny.
  11. The locals up there eat visiting bogans for breakfast, and feed their bones to the crocs.