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QLD Westside Freshy Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by thelastmile, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    As the title states, new to this forum and relatively new to riding. I opted to spend some money on gear prior to purchasing a motorbike - looked around for ages and decided to buy a 2005 GS500F as my first bike. Unfortunately had a wee bit of an accident a couple weeks back on my commute to work....long story short....rained the night before, car suddenly turned into my lane and back brake locked up causing me to lowside R). Avoided hitting the vehicle but bike was banged up (bent handlebars, R) mirror and indicator gone, fairings scratched). Still not put off in anyway really missing my bike (in the workshop atm) - despite my line of work! :p

    Eager to improve my skills as a rider and learn more about bike maintenance. Many lessons to be learned!!! Can anyone in Brissy area recommend a reliable mechanic that can assist with re-jetting my carbs? Or alternatively a workshop that teaches new riders about their bikes and how to do basic maintainence?
    Safe riding and ATGATT
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  2. welcome aboard :)
  3. Welcome.

    I'm a newbie myself but happy to catch up for rides.

    There are plenty of awesome people on this forum that will be able to answer most of your questions.
  4. Hello thelastmilethelastmile and welcome!
    Sorry to hear about the stack... And u feel for you waiting for your baby to come back!
    b12mickb12mick has put up some good links and trawl through the forum for more :)

    There's quite a few brisbanites around lately, so you'll find someone to ride - keep you're eye out in the events page when you're back in two wheels and make sure you do a showcase item! Good luck :)
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  5. Hey thelastmilethelastmile. Welcome! So sorry to hear about your bike. Glad you are ok and hope you get the bike sorted asap. You could also try posting some questions in the technical and supplier sections of the forum. Best of luck and keep us posted. Hope you are back on two wheels soon!
  6. Welcome mate :cool:
  7. b12mickb12mick thankyou for those links & resources, am reading through them now,
    ValvolineValvoline yes still waiting unfortunately, thanks for the welcome :) and will defs keep an eye out for future rides
    katekate i will suss out that section for more info, thankyou
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  8. Welcome; dammit; and hooray, you survived :)
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  9. Welcome aboard mate! Glad you didn't get banged up.
  10. Howdy thelastmilethelastmile . Welcome to NR. What part of West Brisbane are you from? There are a few of us around the Oxley and Springfield area who do rides around Samford, Nebo, Glorious, Mt Mee, etc every now and then, so keep an eye out to join in the fun.
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  11. Welcome to the group mate
  12. Hey mate, around Indooroopilly area. Would love to join when free - how do I get informed when you're riding?
  13. We'll either PM you or post up here that a few of us are going for a ride.
  14. About time you posted up a ride
  15. November 1st is when I'm free of uni. Then it's game on!
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