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Westgate Wanker!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by markcpotter, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Couldn't believe it on my way home tonight - On the freeway just after the western ring road exit (heading towards Point Cook just near the Fowles Car auction site).

    The traffic is stationary and I am filtering through. As I am moving along a black pick up truck swerves to close the gap.

    It must have scared the person in the car in the other lane as he swerved to the right and so I carried on through the gap.

    As I turn to look at the guy he is winding down his window and starts spitting at me as I go past!!!

    I was a bit in shock and so just carried on - wish I had off pulled over and confronted the bloke.

    What the hell is wrong with some people?
  2. I would have taken down his plates. Spitting is considered Assault (If you believe you have been assaulted)
  3. At least he only tried to close the gap in stationary traffic,

    I was driving in the cage down the Western Highway in a 110km/h zone, seen a bike stupidly coming down the centre of the two lanes of traffic, I thought to myself he was going past me either way so I moved as far into the right hand emergency lane as practically possible and let him past.

    The d!ckhead in the car infront of me done the opposite, waited till the bike was at his rear quater panel and then swerved seemingly deliberatley at the bike and closed the gap.

    I was tempted to run the f**kwit off the road and see how he liked it.:furious:

    Yes the bike rider was being a d!ck, and I don't condone that sort of riding but there was no need to make an already dangerous situation worse.
  4. Jealousy, plain and simple.
  5. Thermal's right, there can't be anything else to it, except mental disease.

    We don't add any time to their trip by doing it, we don't impede anyone else - it's totally harmless, if the risks are managed properly.
  6. With the number of people getting away with it I think we actually have to start taking plates and either reporting to the authorities or reporting to their companies so they get fired. This could be construed as attempted murder or assault. These dickwads don't seem to realise how dangerous what they are doing is, they're not just running someone off the road, its actually going to kill someone soon.
  7. People are shit....

    -End of Line
  8. With the km's I do in the car I see this stuff all the time. Mind you if I'm near the car that nearly takes out a bike my car somehow manages to always get in the way of the offending car, slowing them down or stopping them cutting through the traffic. Not my fault if I don't see THEM on the road either.........is it????

    Gotta look out for our 2 wheeled friends :)

  9. ^ A saint at work
  10. I'm not really a fan of splitting at speed but I've done it on occasions (medically necessary your Honour). Scared the crap out of a couple of grey wonna-bee racers of Mona Vale Rd (dual-carriageway, 90¢ zone) a few months ago. A pair of cagers were mirroring each other doing about 60¢ oblivious (or not caring) about the queue of traffic their mobile chicane was generating. I followed them for a while (giving them the benefit of the doubt that one would yield and the other would slot in behind) until my frustration got the better of me. I split the two cages which must have stirred them from their respective comas as they both swerved away from the common dividing line (i.e. cage in the LHL went left, cage in the RHL swerved right) giving me almost a normal lane width to ride through :)

    You get a few that see you filtering and close the gap but they are few and far between from my experience. On the other hand, I've notice a growing number of cages prepared to give you more room when filtering (widening the gap) which make for a pleasant commute (I try to thank these ones whenever possible).
  11. I think these fools that close the gap thinking they are the local police, as it is illegal to filter or split. if you say it's not,then look in the ask the police forum.Been tempted to put my views on the nose of a few cagers myself over the years, but you 'll never win,