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Westgate Punt Update

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Hi All, for those of you who aren't aware, the Westgate Commuter Punt which runs on the weekends will be running some mondays & fridays, including tomorrow, 23rd jan.

    The Punt takes walkers & cyclist across the river on demand, it was running for about 6 months continuously during the week in 2007, as well as the weekend, despite the good numbers using it, the operators were unable to get funding to continue. It is a great alternative to Footscray Road!

    The Punt leaves from the jetty across the road from Scienceworks in the west & lands in Lorimer st, Fishermans Bend on the other side. There is a bus stop on the Fishermans Bend side, just a quick bus trip to Flinders St.

    $4 per trip or $6 return, 6-10am in the morning & 3-7pm in the afternoon.

    You can see the details here: http://www.westgatepunt.com/

    If you have questions, please call Alex on 0419 999 458

    Hope to see you there, it is a great service.

  2. I'm old enough (just) to remember the old car ferry service which the West Gate Bridge made redundant :shock:
  3. I thought the thread title was rhyming slang. ;)
  4. If it was we'd be in deep barney :wink:

    I'm afraid I'm not old enough to remember the car ferry, sounds interesting though, got any info?

    If anyone rides to work via footscray road, trust me this is a much nicer alternative! Hopefully some funding comes through & it can resume 5 day a week service.
  5. Thanks MV. We recently moved to Yarraville and my coworkers were showing me of bicycling tracks in the area and told me of this punt. Will def. be doing it one day soon.

    What's your connection to it? :)
  6. Maybe time to bring it back, then? :LOL:
  7. c1971 Williamstown Car Ferry

  8. I might try the Punt, would certainly be much nicer than Footscary road.
  9. No connection really, other than I use when it's running & think it is brilliant! :grin:

    I accidentally found out it was running because I saw a poster in westgate park, about two years ago.

    It runs on ride to work day in October every year too.
  10. Update:
    Hello all

    The Westgate Punt will be running a commuter service from Monday 9 February to Friday 13 February, to gauge the possibility of bringing the commuter service back on a regular basis.

    While the weekend and public holiday service has run for many years - and continues to run - the commuter service has been spasmodic since the commuter trial was concluded in June 2006. The commuter service then ran as a special service on Ride To Work Day in October of 2006, 2007 and 2008, attracting very high levels of patronage.

    Over the past few weeks the punt skipper has endeavored to run the commuter service on Fridays and Mondays, on either side of the weekend service.

    For further details contact Alex, the Westgate Punt skipper, on 0419 999 458.

    The Punters

    Come on down everyone, the more people we get on during this week, the more chance there is of it running full time for commuters, & it will also be cheaper for everyone!
  11. Thread Necro!

    The punt is back, apparently it has received funding! :) Been a long time coming.

    New prices are $2 each way weekdays, $5 per trip on weekends, $7 return.


    Enjoy :)
  12. Still going :)

    On Tuesday the 16th October, the Punt will celebrate 1 year of subsidised daily running with a free breakfast for all Punters, (punt charges as normal)


    Ride to work day is next Wednesday 17th October, the Punt will be free all day, with a free breakfast on the Port Melbourne side.

    There will also be a coffee truck!
  13. the punt has a 4 year contract and is going strong. When I cycle from work I take it as it saves an extra 8 kms trip across to the city. Excellent service and the 2 guys that skipper it are great to talk to. 10 bucks for 6 trips is excellent value.
    Also good to see I'll get a free trip on wednesday
  14. & a free breakfast!

    I'm out of town, so I'll miss out, ripped off.