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Westgate Madness!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Jaytee, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. This morning I was riding along the Westgate Car Park as you do when i noticed this dude in a car to the left of me steering with 1 knee whilst texting on the phone.

    I don't have a Go Pro or anything fancy like that to record crazy stuff like this but it really annoyed me that he had little to no regard for anyone or their safety.

    It's bad enough that cars pull out in front of me, like gaining that extra 5 meters is going to make their day, and barely indicating whilst pulling off their rally moves. I also don't lane split as i'm on my L's and its illegal and kinda dangerous on that road so the journey can be a slow one at times.

    I did see a L Plate rider get pulled over for splitting by the Highway Patrol.

    Anyone else seen crazy stuff like this on the way into work, or out having a fun ride?
  2. Hey Jaytee. I was riding home on sunday evening along the gold coast highway and came up to the back of a Ford Ranger truck. It was moving along in traffic so I stayed behind for a little while. I noticed the traffic was moving past in the right lane and the truck was getting slower. Came up to traffic stopped at lights and decided to move across to the right. It was then I discovered the reason for the slow truck. He had his left hand on the wheel. He had his mobile phone in his left hand and with his right he was typing a message all whilst driving along. Looked directly at him and he gave me that look. You know the one that says, 'Mate I could not give a shit that I am a jerk typing on my phone as I am the only one on the road look. All it means is riding as if all drivers are not paying attention. It is our responsibility to be safe ann avoid twits as best we can. Stay safe.
  3. Everyone has seen this. But it's ok, it's speed that kills...
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  4. Nah man, it's ice. Speed is way too soft core for that! :roflmao:
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  5. Whats so dangerous about this?

    Like you said, you were on the west gate "car park".

    If the driver does this, the worst likely outcome would be a slow speed rear ending of the car in front if he is not paying attention.

    If hes attempting lane changes with one knee whilst not checking mirrors/blindspots, different story.
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  6. He is a mobile shicane, while splitting, he'd be one of a thousand that get's seen, his movement judged, and passed by many bikers on their half hour commute into the CBD.
  7. If you think this is "crazy" you have a lot to learn...
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  8. You're new. What you think is crazy dangerous is not. Other people making minor indiscretions usually poses no threat upon you. One day you'll look back upon this thread and laugh while you break a bunch of rules yourself.
  9. It's cool you think it's nothing to worry about..

    When the guys flying by me on the left splitting get necked by one of these guys no doubt they'll chalk it down to the bikes fault for splitting cos its illegal and the driver will just blame the biker for being dangerous.

    I don't split so yes, for me it posed no major drama, but i get passed quite frequently by splitters on that road.
  10. Pretty standard behavior, you will see a lot lot more than just this.

    and i'm glad you don't have a go-pro :)
  11. I've been watching the Russian bike crashes on YouTube, seems a dash cam is compulsory equipment there due to the amount of accidents and corrupt cops they have..
  12. I've been told you need a camera as part of the insurance in Russia. Not sure how true that is.
  13. This...

    The sort of stuff you're talking about is usually forgotten as soon as you're past them and a few cars are between you. Might be worth mentally noting that they're on their phone and paying less attention but it's certainly a few levels short of crazy.

    Don't worry you'll get used to the fact people treat their cars as mobile lounge rooms. Relaxing and zoning out like they're watching TV.
  14. Don't stress it jaytee, don't let it get to you. You spotted it, you're aware of it. Now self preservation is all that matters.
    I'll still count double figures plus every morning on my commute acting the same way. Fcuk 'em, there's nowt you can do - just worry about yourself, mate.
  15. Yeah its all good.. I'm both a biker and a cager..

    With a car it feels like i'm in the traffic.. with a bike it feels like i'm part of the traffic, feels very organic... hard to explain but there's def a different feeling..

    Anyhoo!! To many more awesome rides into work and sunny days!
  16. I just find it a lot easier to steer with my knee and roll a smoke in the car than on the bike.
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  17. I travel along the westgate on daily and not surprised by what you saw.

    I did however yesturday twice, heading into the city and head back. Had someone try to change lanes into me. Each time gave them a toot of the horn, the first one apologised however the second didn't even acknowledge me.
  18. Am I the only one out West that's not disturbed by these things? The only cagers that worry me slightly, and even then only for a couple of seconds, are the blockers, ragers, and hoons. Then again, I don't hang around to strike up a conversation.
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  19. Yes, The police can be offered "financial inducements" to make a report that is favorable to your side in an accident so cameras have become necessary to prove your version of events.
  20. Sometimes a crooked regime can play to your advantage then ;)