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Westgate Fwy car chase motorcyclist killer gets 10 years

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by NovaCoder, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. High driver jailed for 10 years

  2. Bloody good show! Wonder why the family court removed his daughter from his care when he was obviously such a respectable fellow!
  3. Only 8 year minimum.... :?
  4. Refer: http://www.theage.com.au/news/National/Ten-years-for-killer-driver/2004/11/25/1101219656689.html

    Ten years for killer driver
    November 25, 2004 - 12:27PM

    An unlicensed driver who killed a motorcyclist while high on a cocktail of drugs and driving on the wrong side of a Victorian freeway has been given a 10 year jail sentence.

    Jeffrey Allan Dobbin, 31, of Reservoir, was given a minimum eight year jail term after pleading guilty to eight charges, including culpable driving causing death, theft of a car, and aggravated burglary.

    The Victoria County Court was told Dobbin drove a stolen car the wrong way down the Princes Freeway and swerved in front of a motorbike on April 16 this year.

    Nicole Knox-Smith, a 29-year-old Origin Energy employee, was killed instantly in the morning peak hour collision, south west of Melbourne, near Hoppers Crossing.

    The court was told Dobbin started a two day crime spree the day before the fatal collision after a Family Court decision removed his eight-year-old daughter from his care.

    He consumed a cocktail of drugs, including heroin, some rock heroin, 10 tablets each of codeine and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

    He then stole two cars, property from homes and prompted a police chase which was abandoned because of Dobbin's dangerous driving.

    Judge Jim Duggan said it was hard to imagine a "worse case of culpable driving".

    He said Dobbin had never held a licence.

    His extensive criminal record included numerous driving offences and Dobbin had spent five of the last seven years in custody.

    He said the only mitigating factor was that Dobbin had pleaded guilty and showed remorse.
  5. Showed remorse!!!

    How is it that a repeat offender has shown remorse. If they're remorseful for what they've done, they're not going to do it over and over. He's only remorseful coz he got caught, not because he's actually sorry for what he did.

    Repeat offenders showing remorse. Isn't that an oxymoron?
  6. This is what annoys me, if they just fuggin locked him up the first time then maybe Nicole would still be alive..

    I think judges have to face the worst stuff out of court, from victims of crime because of their inability to protect innocent people from idiots such as this...doesn't the "letterbomb in your mailbox" for sentencing Bundy Rotten to 2 months jail for a hit an run, indicate that you are giving soft@$$ sentences? Toughen up you stupid judges and stop playing with your fake wigs!!!!....how about a 3 strikes and your out rule or something? I love it how I have the knowledge that some idiot who has had more than his fair share of chances to be put in jail, read risk to the public, can ruin a sunday morning ride...all because judges are too soft on the wrong people...the wrong doers....
  7. .............and now he is gonna rest in jail for 8 years on taxpayer's money, I reckon bullet is much cheaper than that. Those indonesians are not that crazy afterall........
  8. 8 years isnt enough for a death,i feel for the victims family.
  9. the cynic in me says he got 7.9 years for theft and 0.1 years for killing a rider
  10. reply

    Android, you are right. Not only for this case but the majority.

    A true penitent (some one who is truly sorry) would go straight to the cops and hand himself in and plead guilty.

    This shithead is only remoresful that he got caught and is going back to be some baldheaded uppy a dutiful wife for a few more years. That's teh only remorse he has.

  11. With a bit of luck, he might get out of jail, then hit by truck.
  12. Unfortunately, you're probably right. For sure he wouldn't have gotten 8 years for the crash - maybe 6 months at best.

    Driving like that should be considered under GBH/manslaughter laws at the very least - he knew perfectly well that doing that was likely to cause harm. Prove knowledge of the danger to upgrade it, prove intentional choice to upgrade to murder in my book.
  13. No way near enough, 10 years, less with parole.... taxpayers have to feed and cloth the useless turd during that time.

    So that's the value of a life eh? The family has been given a life sentence of absolute despair, the turd gets maybe 10 with free food and board.

    The only thing that stops me wanting the death penalty is the chance of an innocent person getting hung in error, but I'm beginning to think the risk is worth it..... sad it's come to that.

  14. What's happening with the case, where that woman killed the motorcyclist on the northern side of the city, the one where the protest ride was done and groberts was vocal about? Melanie Edwards, I think was her name. Didn't she plead guilty to culpable driving in the end? What was her sentance or is it still ongoing?
  15. Wrong case.

    This was a dood that was chased from way out west and drove along the Geelong FWY on the wrong side of the road.

    M.L> Edwards was the girl that was allegedly drunk and did a hit and run.....
  16. Nodz I think that one is still ongoing, but in her instance I reckon they should just stand her on the road and let someone run her over and then say oh sorry I didnt realise I had run you down, the stupid moronic f***ing b**ch

    I have met the person you wrote about (the driver of the car which hit the motor cyclist on the West Gate Freeway).
    You say no wonder his daughter was taken away from him. Have you ever thought maybe the reason he was high on drugs was because he was upset about the Family Court decision? Also, he is not a bad person, as you may think. People who commit offences such as culpable driving and drug offences are not necessarily bad people, they are just people who have made a mistake. Don't judge Jeff judging by the media's portrayal of him. You should have harsher judgements of paedophiles and Sydney's gang rapists, as they had all the intention to cause someone harm! :evil:

    Stiff shit
    He killed an innocent person due to selfish reasons.
    He is feeling sorry for himself not the lives of the families he has affected.
    My mate was related to the victim and her husband, the husband has never been the same since.
    So little 18 yo girl with rose coloured glasses get off your little high horse and get with REALITY.
    The guy is SCUM and deserved much more than 10 years.
    How DARE you come in here with your adolescent ideals and try and make excuses for a selfish individual who decided that drugs and stealing cars was a way to cope with a family law court decision that went against him.
    There are thousands of fathers in the same boat and they don't go out and do what this selfish individual did.
    No go crawl back in that little egg you hatched out of and GROW UP then you can come back in and talk to the adults.
    *Little children should be seen and not heard*

    A 2 day crime spree is not a "mistake"...I don't know either the offender or the victim but I do know that this incident is the result of a downright lack of regard for others lives. You calling it a mistake is an insult to this riders family and friends...I'm sure her death is a hell of a lot more to them than a "mistake"...a mistake is leaving the house unlocked, not intentionally driving into oncoming trafffic and killing another person.

    Your argument about him being basically a good bloke doesn't hold any water, he's been inside for 5 of the last 7 years and in the course of 2 days stole 2 cars, broke into properties was involved in a high speed police chase...somehow the good bloke tag just doesn't fit.

    Also he obviously has some experience of drug use...I mean lets face it many others have had shit happen in their lives and don't go looking for the nearest smack dealer...most people would maybe get pissed out of their heads and go to bed bawling they don't go on a crime spree beside why would you go off the rails before the court decision...that really doesn't add up. Perhaps the daughter was being removed from his care because of drugs use...I mean he obviously knew where to go to get some.

    You argue for harsher sentences for gang rapists and peodophiles...they are after all responsible for their actions...as was the offender...HE made the choice to consume drugs, commit offences, recklessly endanger others and as a result HE killed another person...Drugs, family court issues etc are no ecxuse for murder...HE drove into on coming traffic to evade a pursuit...HE was willing to risk somebody elses life to escape...HE caused an accident that cost somebody their life.

    Let me ask you a question: Would you see this differently if he had killed your brother/sister/mother/father?.

    he must have had some problems though, if the courts took away his kid... he may not necessarily be a bad person, but there's no excuse for what he did