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Westgate Freeway - New & Not Advanced Riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by The17thPope, May 13, 2010.

  1. Morning all,

    As all of you would know that travel down and over the Westgate, the right side of the freeway between lanes 3-4 are where all bikes like to travel.

    Although bikers do use this single lane, I think that there should also be some biker etiquette in the morning.

    Like a good game of golf, if you are taking your time down there and there are some advanced or faster riders coming through, move behind a car on your right and let them play through.

    A lot of L's and New Riders are a little unsure of how they can get their bike through the lane safely and don't check their mirrors or don't move over when riders are waiting patiently behind them.

    This morning there was 12 riders backed up because one person would not move to the side. As you can imagine, this would be frustrating for the people behind and can create accidents with the riders then looking for other avenues to pass the slow moving riders.

    All riders should use their mirrors and act appropriately to surrounding oncoming traffic.

    Be safe and think about other people around you other than yourself and people won't vent at you when riding past.


  2. I see how it can cause Frustration, but accidents?
    It is the rider who is passing who has to take responsibility for the pass. Only If the front rider is holding one line and then obliviously changes lane position while being passed could they be considered to be a contributor (Probably even then they would not be considered to be legally contributing.)
    Why is a slow rider taking a whole lane, any different to a slow car?
  3. If these L riders are blocking up the 'extra' lane of riders, they really shouldn't be splitting - especially on the westgate!!

    I can understand wanting to get through up the freeway, but if I'm ever crossing the bridge I usually wont split ove rit at all unless its a complete standstill (rare). Even if the cars are moving only 10-15km/h - as soon as you get to the williamstown road on ramp there must be a forcefield that bring out the crazy in cage pilots. Fortunately they usually get it out of their system by the top of the bridge.
  4. 12 bikes LOL!

    Seems like all 12 of them should reconsider splitting (or were clearly happily tootling along behind the front rider) if they get stuck behind 1 person on a 4 lane road.

    PS. it was discussed in another thread and the active learners agreed that no one should expect a learner to look in their mirrors!

    PSS. I agree with the OP though.
  5. It's simple just split in another area it aint rocket science.
    But a learner who is too scare to split should reconsider what they are doing and tuck in behind the car in front allowing free access.
  6. I'm going to be one of those travelling on the westgate to get to the city in the mornings... I don't think I'd dare to lane split for a long while, so I'll just stay in lanes out of the way of you guys. :D

    The on-ramps on either ends of the bridge are pretty hairy, I already ramp up the defensive driving to be safe in a car in those areas - I know it's gonna be twice as bad on a bike. @_@ Fun times. :D
  7. Reconsider your splitting on the Westgate leading up to the bridge. Seen two bikes nabbed in the last week for splitting. Nothing for the last 12 months before that so there is probably a blitz on at the moment.

    Personally I would avoid splitting on the actual bridge as the lanes over the bridge are narrower than the freeway leading up to it. I recon a few drivers get a bit freaked out by trucks and cars being that bit closer. I've seen trucks in their lanes knock mirrors going over the bridge!

    I've actually stopped splitting for about a month now on that road and am enjoying the ride more. Far less stress and at worst another 5-10 mins to the travel time. I still enjoy free parking and no tolls! I'll still split stopped traffic though.

    I've cringed at a couple of efforts recently so if you are splitting and not 100% comfortable doing it then don't. I get the feeling at times that quite a few new riders split on moving freeways because they think thats what they are meant to do. No shame in sitting in the traffic.

    If you are splitting though, you need to be checking your mirrors and moving back into the traffic to let faster riders through. It's a courtesy thing. If you move back into the right lane, move right over to the right side of the lane to show that you have no intention of jagging back into the bike lane. If you aren't capable of the occassional glance behind then you probably shouldn't be moving at speed inches past cars and trucks left and right of you! Absolutely do NOT tailgate a splitter. Keep plenty of distance.
  8. another suggestion is use another route... I personally have not gone on the west gate during peak hour as i know there is always traffic jams and trucks all over the place in the mornings... i take geelong road exit and then go through dynon road, and onto queens berry.. easier to filtering through when there is stopped traffic aswell...

    another alternative for other new/non advanced riders
  9. Ya kiddin, right!? they actually agreed that we should expect them NOT to look in their mirrors?
    In that case they would'nt want to grumble when I duck past at close quarters to get around them. Or worry that they fell off as a result...

    Never heard such bs. Learners...watch your mirrors - that Mack sitting 2 ft behind you will kill you!
  10. If I have this correct, you want to try and enforce a common sense approach to how people break the law?
  11. That's right..simple enough is'nt?

    But it actually pertains to the "bigger" picture, which is...Noobs (in this case) need to use their mirrors in whatever the situation. All of us need to...and many Noobs either simply can't, or don't, often enough.
  12. What law would that be Spenze?
  13. So who do you represent?
  14. Lane splitting, its illegal.
  15. hmm splitting or filtering...

    there is a difference, and iirc there is no exact law against either. There may be one or two that can be adapted to suit.
  16. True, but until there's a specific law that defines filtering with an explained legal maneuvor, you can always get pinned on a technicality.
    Don't you love grey areas!
  17. Hi guys,

    Let me confirm, that by no means is this post in any way shape or form suggesting that people should break the law.

    everyone should be riding with common sence with the safety of themselves and others in the forefront of their mind.

    The simple message here (which has been acknowledged by others) is that if riders are in the right lane and are riding quite slow, please acknowledge the faster riders (not ridiculously quick) riders come through.

    Like a good game of golf, play through.

    I am all for the safety of riders and the drivers on the road and at no stage suggested that people swerve in and out of lanes to get to their location in a faster manner. This is completely STUPID if people do.

    Take your time and get to your location safely. I rode with the traffic this week and like "ashes" said, it's been a more enjoyable ride into work.

    Be safe and Live 2 Ride, Ride 2 Live.
  18. Where does it say in Victoria that lane splitting is illegal?
  19. This is page 10 from the Victorian motorcycle Handbook.

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  20. Unfortunately, filtering by many cops is seen to be the same thing as splitting.

    And that Rule 141 about passing to the left of a stationary vehicle does not cover you in all situation.
    Thus the grey areas we have when there's no definition of a practice (filtering) we all do.