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Westgate bridge

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by tonee, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but i've had in my mind for a while now.

    The new Westgate lane reflectors are just too long, they make it a lil dangerous when it comes to changing lanes as the wheels grip less on them, especially when they're wet. Before they were 2 or 3 cubes lined together, now they're in chucks of 5.

  2. Yes, they cause my mirrors to shift when I hit them.
    They have also caused my rear end to step out as I've pulled out to overtake a car
  3. Oh NO! Can't have that 8-[

    Next time my job site at Williamstown off ramp gets audited by vic Roads i will insist they do some thing about it big fella :D
  4. Thanks Dean.
    I mean ideally I'd like to replace my mirrors with some Rizoma ones but they are $300 each :shock:

  5. PFFFT who needs mirrors just gas it and point where you want to go
  6. Yeah, they are sh1t, but it's fun to try to avoid them! ;)
  7. haha yes it is quite fun trying to avoid them
  8. My understanding is that under the new road laws you shouldn't be hitting them. Because the whole of Westgate is laned by unbroken lines which shouldn't be crossed.

    I say assume because if fact the lines are broken - by the lines of reflectors. I also that is why they are so long, - they are attempting to represent an unbroken line (in the breaks in the line).

    Also raises just one more issue with this not crossing lines bullshit. If you are going over Westgate outbound and want to get off at Williamstown Road you have to get in the left lane before the Bridge starts - right where all the Todd Road traffic coming on to the bridge is is merging.

    Thanks VicRoads. I can see this unbroken line law really stopping accidents.
  9. I'm with you Grey BM. I cross the Westgate several times a week and it's difficult to try and get into the correct lane BEFORE you get to the bridge - especially if it's busy.

    It's worse coming back the other way. You have to stay left until you're off the bridge and then battle to get out of the exit only lanes that take traffic off onto the Bolte and Kings Way. If you can't get into one of the right hand lanes, you MUST exit.

    I've had several close calls already with drivers not able to get over one more lane to the right, and as a result they desperately barge in to the traffic at the last minute regardless of who or what is next to them.

  10. I have nothing to contribute except to say that I dig your signature :demon:
  11. I"ve never noticed they weren't broken lines, i've been weaving through them since the cameras dont operate
  12. Was speaking to a few coppers about this on the weekend and came up with that the lines are in fact broken. If they were meant to be unbroken then the lines would have been painted first and the cats eyes put down after.
  13. or alongside the line rather than in line with the line.
  14. these reflectors are a little crazy, if you run over them your car .. or motorbike is like... wtf! and could probably cause an accident, but hey, anything to fuel the vicroads bubble-rap agenda
  15. If there is reflectors then it is a broken line. Overtaking allowed :-s
  16. Overtaking is definitely allowed, when they resurface the bridge after the works done to secure it the reflectors won't be protruding as much.
  17. Except they pull them out, resurface the road then put new one's in.