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Western Victoria Tour (and a bit of SA)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Trekka273, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I have been looking at a route to do my first tour on. I am after some opinions from anyone who may think it is too tough, or if there are some better alternative areas to visit.

    Starting in Sunbury, looking to go through the following areas:

    Through Bacchaus Marsh To Geelong, then on to Torquay and along Great Ocean Road. Follow the GOR as far as it goes, go through Warnambool, Portland and then on to Mt Gambier via Nelson. From Mt Gambier, through Millicent to Beachport, Robe and Kingston SE. From Kingston, across to Naracoorte, Edenhope and on to Horsham, before heading down through Halls Gap to Dunkeld. From here back through Ballarat to Sunbury.

    In the past I found a link here to a site that would allow me to mapy the route, but since I updated my computer I can't find the link to the site.

    I am not sure where I will be staying each night, I will play it by ear a bit and see how I am feeling etc, before deciding how far to ride each day. I don't want to rush it too much, but I also can't take too long as I won't be able to get a lot of time off work. Hopefully no more then 4 nights, which I wouldn't think would be a problem.

    What do people think of this route? Any areas I should try to add, or avoid? I got the final details from the latest Australia Motorcycle Atlas that I recently got.
  2. That sounds like a good trip, but I think I would want to take more than 5 days (4 nights). I have heard that parts of the GOR can be a bit slippery with moss, but I haven't travelled along this road myself. The road from Horsham to Halls Gap is great, but be aware that it's a fairly busy road and there are signs everywhere saying "Motorcycle Black Spot". I haven't riden this road (yet), but have driven up there a few times as we live only 1 1/2 hours from Halls Gap and it's very popular with motorcylists. You mentioned a site that allows you to map the route and was wondering if you were refering to http://www.motowhere.com? Good luck with the planning of your first tour.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I might be able to get an extra day or two. I guess I will just have to see how it goes, how I am feeling on the bike, etc.

    I am not planning to push with the riding at all, it will be a pure cruise, so hopefully the condition of the roads, etc won't cause too many problems. My wife will be with me on her bike, and she has only limited experience, so I won't be winning any speed awards.

    I now just have to wrok out how to carry our gear, which will be kept to a minimum, basically just 1 or 2 changes of clothes and toiletries. Will have to experiment a little on that....
  4. Sounds like a good trip. I reckon you could do it in your proposed time no worries, provided you spent your days on the bike, but even then it should be a relaxed trip. Your basically mapping the land south of a three night trip I just did (will post up later).
  5. If you take anyone on the Great Ocean Road with limited experience, and especially ur mrs, then you fair dinkum need a roost up the ass…

    You are biting off much more than both you and your mrs can chew in the little time that you have planned.. I would cut out most of the GOR and just going to the best sites… that’s from the Prince Town, Port Campbell National Park and back towards warrnambool..

    Do you even realise how many motorcyclists have died on that road? Or how many have come off their bikes?
    The roads can drop out from under you in the shadows of the forest (huge dips at times) or if its wet the bike will come out from under you because the leaves leave a slippery mess on the road that you cant see.. the best of riders have come down along parts of that road… even a mate of mine.. excellent rider.. one minute was going along fine and the next minute he finds himself down the side of a cliff with a broken leg..

    Just about every time I ride the GOR I get cut off or get put into danger by some halfwit that can’t travel on the left hand side of the white line… you’d think that it would be a simple task.. but oh no… no no no… idiots everywhere..

    A lot of guys push their mrs too hard without realizing it and in the end they just give up with a lack of confidence after too many scares.. .. the 12 apostle site is popular with city slickers and other non Australian tourists and they just can’t drive for shit… they are goose necking around not even looking where they are going.. they speed up then slow down.. they pull out in front of you… :censored:

    Anything else you need to know just ask :)
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  7. Appreciate the advice, but I can guarantee, the ride we will be going on will be an absolute cruise, regardless of what roads we take. I am not there to ride quick or tackle it at high speed, I am there to enjoy the road, and the sights along the way. I have also worked out that we will be able to get a few extra days in there, probably eight nights/nine days, which should allow shorter riding days and plenty of chances to stop without feeling too rushed. Most of the GOR could also be tackled during the week when it is a little quieter as well.

    I have been on the GOR a number of times, so it is not totally foreign to me. I can understand where you are coming from though, and will consider some alternatives. I would also be hoping to do the ride when the weather is a lot nicer then it has been recently, so hopefully that won't be so much of a factor, though you can never predict what the weather will be like when planning such trips.

    MacManMick, that looks like a nice route. I would like to get down to Dunkeld from Halls Gap as I love the mountains there, but it wouldn't be hard to head down there and then turn back and do some of the same road again before heading across to Ararat.
  8. i think it sounds like an awesome trip.!
    your attitude is spot on, just cruise and take your time.
    i much prefer nowadays to do trips where you split the day...get the riding over with while you're fresh...figure out what works for you for a days riding...me, i only do 4-6 hours a day...and spend the rest of the day just bumming around where you''ll spend the night...i've got memories of past trips where all i can remember is riding and regret not spending more time to take in the places i've visited.
    ..G.O.R...yeah true enough, idiots crossing into your side of the road, overtaking on blind corners etc...but other than that, it's certainly not beyond a newer rider, just as long as they take it as slow as they need to...that's imperative, no pressure to keep up.
  9. Hi Trekka, that's a reasonable sized trip you've got planned there, I've done the GOR a few times (midweek where possible) and really enjoyed it. What bikes are you guys riding?
  10. I ride a GS500F and my wife has a GPX 250. Both are low km bikes, well serviced and maintained. I don't intend on carrying a lot of stuff, just a couple of changes of clothes and toiletries. No camping, just staying in cabins at caravan parks or motels.
  11. trekka... do you have a satnav?

    also, keep an eye out for pubs that advertise low cost rooms...

    you can bunk down for the night, go down stairs and have a meal in the lounge.. watch a bit of TV or have a beer in the evenings...

    the satnavs make it so easy in situations like this where you need to find accommodation etc.. and along the way you don’t have to worry about missing a turnoff and you always know exactly how fast you are going and how far it is to your next stop...

    red light camera and fixed speed camera warnings are a great feature s well ;)
  12. I don't have a satnav that I can put on the bike. I have one on a PDA that I use in the car, but it would be too big and cumbersome on the bike. I know most of the route pretty well, as I have been over most of those roads a number of times in the car, so hopefully I won't miss too many turns :p

    The trip won't be for a little while now, probably a couple of months, as I need to get the time off work and I also have quite a bit of work to do at home before I go. It will hopefully give me a chance to work at a convenient, comfortable way to carry the limited amount of gear that we will need to take with us, and also fo rmy wife to get some more riding experience. I think that provided we do the trip right, it should really help with her confidence on the bike. She has the skills that she needs, but she sometimes lacks the confidence to do what she needs to do. I think a ride like this, spending a good amount of time on the bikes together and going along some good fun rides should really help her.