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Western Sydney - Mechanic Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by RaindancerAU, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Ok - so I don't have a bike yet - not even on the cards for over a year by my estimation, buuut - when I research something I like to do it thoroughly :p

    (for example - camping trip planned - not sure where we were going to camp - drove the 6 hours down to the site three weekends before to scout sites, then drove the 6 hours back up) - can't help it - I get very enthusiastic :)

    Wondering if anyone can throw some recommendations of mechanics say anywhere between Blacktown and Paramatta for regular servicing and general maintenance / repairs.

    I'd like to start investigating the workshops over the next few months :grin:

  2. MMT granvile cheap honest will work on weird bikes and older ones unlike the action or bike biz who scuff at the weird things i bring in. Get ur bike ill show ya where it is. PM

    or if ur really enthusiatic its the first avanue parralel to granvil station on the parramata road side which is part of an industrial estate. the workshop is at the very end of the avenue. Tell him the guy with the dalium sent ya
  3. Thanks Crutch :)

    I'm pretty sure I know where you are talking about.

    It is likely I'll be buying something that won't be too common, so it's good to hear that they'll work on practically anything. I tend to let my heart rule my head, even when I am buying for practicality :roll:

    I have the money for a bike and gear atm, buuut, head wins over heart for now - I need a big practical car that can transport 4 people + mountain bikes or myself + pc with a big monitor. Also had my heart on a new mountain bike for the last year as well, so it will probably be around this time next year before I can pursue my motorbike ambitions in earnest.

    That said, if you're around there and see someone checking the place out on a mountain bike ...... :LOL:

    I'll probably shy away from going in and speaking to anyone until I'm making preparations to buy.
  4. Had my cbr250 serviced by Manuel from Protune. 0412 343 430.

    He's a mobile bike mechanic. Very nice guy. Comes to your home and does the servicing in front of you. Ask him all the questions you want and he's more than happy to show you.

    Was great for me cause i got to learn alot. That in itself is worth it for me.

    If you use him throw my name in.....Tom from yagoona. I'm gonna use him again so want him to appreciate my business.

    Call me if you have any questions. PM me for number
  5. Ah - now that will certainly be very handy as well thanks! :grin:

    I have been thinking about what to do when the bike is not ridable as well - that's pretty damn handy :)
  6. The guy at Castle Hill Motorcycles is very good. Has all kinds of old jap bikes there, and does a lot of sportsbikes himself. Is a keen racer too.
  7. Aitkens at liverpool are great, top serivice to boot!.
  8. One of our very own netriders, Tex/ Motoplast runs a motorcycle performance workshop, shoot him a PM or go and visit.

    TJ motorcycle performance
    Sterling rd Minchinbury
    9675 5888
  9. All of these places are easily accesible to me :)

    Thanks for the replies all, this'll be a good reference for other Westies :LOL:
  10. Is there a place close to Canterbury in sydney?
    Looking for a place that does tyres, chain, sprokets, and general service
    I've just come from melb and don't know my way around so looking for somewhere close.

    The only place that I've seen is in Yagoona located next to the helmet warehouse. anyone know if that is a good place?
  11. Hi Folks

    Just wondering whats a ball park figure for a service? looking to do the basics ie.

    oil, oil filter, brake pad, brake fluid, coolant.

    Im riding on a 91 mc22 250rr (05 compliance). not 100% when the last time these where done.