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Western Sydney coffee night

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by AznCruiser, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Sydney Western suburbs meetup at Starbucks @ 22/8/12

    Starbucks Mount Druitt Meetup

    Venue: http://goo.gl/maps/DYdO3
    Time: 7:30pm Thursday 11th Oct
    Riders: Everyone welcome

  2. Re: Sydney Western suburbs meetup at Starbucks @ 22/8/12

    I probably could have made it if there was just a bit more notice...... maybe next time.
  3. Re: Sydney Western suburbs meetup at Starbucks @ 22/8/12

    Need bit more notice man!
  4. Re: Sydney Western suburbs meetup at Starbucks @ 22/8/12

    +1 for notice ...i knew of it ...but mix me hitting the piss with having to go shopping with the ms's counted me out.

    plus...it's mt druitt ...a western sydney meet up - couldn't you have picked a more apt place? like a fish n chip shop carpark?

    regardless hope all goes well on the meet and your not left alone.
  5. Re: Sydney Western suburbs meetup at Starbucks @ 22/8/12

    Anyway, we westies gotta have our meetups as well :)............

    Lol missed out on a great night.........plenty of talents on display if you know what I mean ;-)................also stuffed our bellies at Rashay's. Now that ive had my daily ride and have a belly full of yummy grub...............im heading off to sleep :)............

    Catch ya guys on the next one :)
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  6. Re: Sydney Western suburbs meetup at Starbucks @ 22/8/12

  7. Date: Wednesday 29th August
    Time: Movie starts at 6:30
    Location: Level 4 Westpoint Blacktown

    Ok. Thought id mix it up a bit. Following from my previous Wed nights at Starbucks, I thought that this Wed will be a coffee + movie night @ Level 4 Westpoint Blacktown.

    Blacktown cinema is showing "TT Isle of Man Experience" @ 06:30PM this Wed the 29th Aug.................its a 100min movie, so we can have coffee or our chocolate fix afterwards at Max Brenner right next door.

    The movie is a limited showing only!!!!

  8. I'll most likely be in but I'll be pushing it for time, might have to meet you in the cinema if public transport lets me down
  9. Looking forward to it Marty, hope public transport dont let you down :)..........its easy though, station is just 5 mins away.

    They shouldve had this movie at a more watchable time, like 8........but, it is what it is :(. Hopefully they put on allot of previews, quite a few 9-5 people would be pushing for time.

    If you want, I could bring the car and drop you home...........just tell me beforehand though.
  10. ....... V.2
  11. Yeh if I get the "good" train I'll be at the station at 6:10, I'll pre order my tickets on the day or something.
  12. Cool, I should get there by 6 so I could get get the tickets...........
  13. I'm not sure how many I need yet. I think Andrea and her friend are coming too
  14. Do you mean her "girlfriend"?.............if so ill dress nicely and maybe bring a second helmet or the car ;) hehehe.
  15. Lol! She's got her own helmet, I reckon she'd show u a thing or 2 on the mountains :p

    Trains are ****ed up (of course) I'll be there at the last minute. I'll meet u and the girls at Hoyts.
  16. Hehehehe you made it in the end :)...........

    Mmmmmm mountains ;)............

    Great catchup guys, movie was great, and damn im so full............i didnt even finish half of the thai food.
  17. Yeh mate was a top night
  18. Ive updated the original post..............having another meetup this Thursday at Starbucks :).

    All welcome, preferably bring your bike :).
  19. Just one bike? I might pop in for a quick smoke n hello if I remember ....keeping up appearances n all.....I'll drag @sydmadass along as well caus I know she loves meeting random people ! But shit stirring the Canadian aside - permitting I remember I'll pop in
  20. More than one bike, more than a few netrider members go to these actually...but they dont post much :(........

    Nah we arent randoms anymore, Lee came down Starbucks two weeks ago :).....As for me, I should be set, UDLOSE (Marty) helped me sort out my APE CCT install.......