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Western Sydney Bike Mechanic's?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by GreenNinja, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Here's my list of bike mechanics in Western Sydney:

    Red barron liverpool (Yamaha)
    9600 6788

    397 new bride rd moore

    team moto (Kawasaki)
    9682 2900

    motorcross madness (Motor x bikes but will also repair other bikes)
    9600 6480

    MMT granville
    9637 0277

    Do you know of any other that you want to add?
  2. One of our very own netriders..... Motoplast/ Tex and Bundy

    TJ Motorcycle Performance
    1/49 Sterling rd Minchinbury
    02 9675 5888
  3. Aitkens are on Newbridge Road, Moorebank; next time you do a cut and paste check the results, okay??? :wink:

    I suspect you might incur the ire of the administrators with the advertisement in your sig too.....
  4. The misappropriation of the humble apostrophe really bothers me. It's a pandemic.
  5. ooops, sorry you're right, it is Aitken's Motorcycles, Paul will never forgive me....

    Trouble is, everyone's give up on proper grammar and punctuation; remember when it used to be the Prince's Highway, as in named after or belonging to, the Prince? All punctuation of such sort has been removed from government signage, so what example is set? And half the teachers can't write a coherent accurate sentence, so what chance to the children (not KIDS) have??

    /end of rant
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  7. Ive had bikes serviced at Red Barron and Aitken's.

    I prefer Aitkens because they have always done a good job, kept me well informed and offered plenty of free advice. Unfortunately i cant say the same about Red Barron, they never get things done on time and NEVER return my calls regardless of how much they insist they will. :evil: