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Western Suburb Members

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BuellN, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. Hi Yas, I joined netriders like ages ago, and just looked it up again to see wots doin here. How many people come from Werribee area and wouldnt mind getting out for a fang around the place?. I can hook up a few mates who ride n we can go for a run.

  2. doc,
    there are a few that live out near the shit farm :wink: :LOL:
    come into coffee night friday and meet everyone .
  3. No one I know lives next to you Glen :)
  4. lol..there was actually "shit" talk from you Glen and others...after we all had lunch of course. :wink:
  5. I live in Werribee (or near enough) but I'm not much good for a "fang" or anything else that requires a great deal of speed and cornering ability (unless its in my old racer...), although if you want to go for an easy cruise then drop me line. Plenty of us Netriders out here though.
  6. Hey I am from Geelong and LOVE riding.....
  7. AND fanging.... :p
  8. Skuffy... riding what exactly?

    Welcome to the Forums BuellN
  9. Gday Doc, welcome There are a few of us from the west side. As groberts said come into coffee one night and meet the rest of the netrider reprobates.
  10. I'm in Footscray, that's west enough. After that it's all banjo players and REALLY close-knit families, if you know what I mean....... :wink:

    :LOL: kidding guys, I don't know where I'd be without my flannies, just ask Debs :D
  11. I'm in Werribee/WyndhamVale. Not so much into fanging but don't mind the ocassional cruise around. Will soon be upgrading frm the Across so this many change
  12. G'day, also in the Werribee area. Always up for a ride, but going hard isn't an option currently (CB250). Also in Werribee is Monty (aka She Who Must Be Obeyed, aka She Who I Can't Keep Up With - ZZR250)
  13. Nah, that happens from when you cross to the northern side of the yarra :p
  14. Hoppers Crossing here...when iI'm not working :wink:

    ZZR250. Intermediate.

    Always up for a ride. Depends on band commitments obviously. I am normally forced to go out by myself cause most organized rides are called too early for me. I can't get up at 6am on a Saturday OR Sunday morning!!!! At least give me till about 10am....... To wake up that is. LOL.

    Cheers all.

  16. G'day Doc

    You don't happen to have some tar and feathers handy, do you? Deyago is due for a little attitude adjustment.

    I'm Mark , deyago's twin brother. vOODsy's my half brother and my uncle and Sir Skuffy is married to my sister (I think she's my sister...). I love to go fishin' down Cobbled1cks Ford with my uncles ashes and scumbag coz' its a chance to catch up and I don't see them that much since they moved out of mum's caravan. Lucky uncle voyager was on hand to move straight in coz mum gets very lonely sleeping on that great big couch.

    I haven't met cousin Vic yet (we never seem to get parole at the same time), but uncle voyager says he's a really nice bloke.

    We must get together for a family outing sometime soon. Do you eat crawfish?

    Or, meet us for coffee. And moonshine. Unless you're Doc Hatfield, in which case, bring your gun, varmint.
  17. who lives in the west?????

    im keen to get all the west riders together cos we seem to lack in numbers,it will be good so we can travel as a group. :D
    just state which town u boys and gals live in.while im this topic who is going to broadford for the day???? :LOL:
    thanks graham
  18. I do not think we lack in numbers that badly. there seems to be a few of us out the wild west.
    Not sure about broadford yet, have not made the mind up.
    By the way get all the riders together to do what pray tell.
  19. Show those Eastsyyyyeed homos who owns da block?

    Drink beer and eat burnt dead bovine?

    Shuffleboard round robin?
  20. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cremated bovine