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Western Subs Labour Day Coffee Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Chairman, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. As Monday is Labour Day, all the cafes in Werribee are closed.

    Instead of coffee, I'm proposing a barbeque here at my place late Monday afternoon. I'd also be up for a ride during the day - maybe meet here in the morning, head off and come back for a feed.

    The full route will appear in this thread by 2.00pm today

    The route summary is

    Laverton (meet at Westside Taverner Hotel carpark MEL 53 F4, 10.00am for 10.30 departure)
    Yaloak Vale
    Bacchus Marsh
    Home (NOT via the freeway)

    Ride will conclude with a barbeque, but the ride is not a prerequisite for attending the barbeque.

    IF you want to stay for the barbeque, bring your meat and drink with you and I'll put it in my fridge.

    The ride has some twisties, but is very learner-friendly.

    RSVP in this thread if you're planning to come, noting whether you'll be here for either or both

    PM for my address if you're planning to only come for the barbie.
  2. Hmmm .. you could make the ride end up at Monday night coffee, and come join us on the nice smelling side of town :) Our cafe's don't close over here :p
  3. I'll get back to ya...
  4. We could, but we won't. In the West, we treat the workers' holiday with the respect it deserves (by riding loud motorcycles and giving hard-working cafe staff a day off). Eastern suburbs folk are free to do the same on your local holiday - Queen's Birthday :eek: .

    "The Workers bike is deepest red
    My helmet on my shaven head;
    And though my limbs are stiff and old
    I'll carve another corner bold.

    Then raise RPM up high!
    And watch the slow pedestrian fly.
    Though drivers flinch and cyclists sneer
    I'll keep the back wheel sliding here."

    to the tune of "The Red Flag"

    And to the denizens of Mordialloc - have a good sniff of your own creek on a hot day at low tide. At least we treat our sewerage first :wink: .
  5. Well, not quite 2.00pm. The ride WILL happen. Just watch this space
  6. Nah, that stopped ages ago once they stopped the Cranbourne'ites from bathing in it. :LOL:
  7. Voyager scouted the route this afternoon and it is all good, so the clock is running down!
  8. I get the job of doing the route announcement, it seems, since I also got the job of checking the route out. Public holiday causes a slight adjustment of route planning (fuel availability in smaller towns, primarily), but here are the details:

    Around the Ranges Ride

    Date: Monday 14th March 2005.

    Time: 10:00am for a 10:30am departure.

    Ride Leader: Chairman (Mark).

    Ride Skill Level: Learner Friendly. (in fact its probably a good ride for those wishing to build up skills and confidance)

    Ride Length: Around 200km.

    Meeting Point: Westside Taverner Hotel carpark, Melways Reference 53 F4 (or UBD reference 279 G9). Please note that there is no fuel available here, so ensure you have at least a 60km range left when we start. First waypoint will be a fuel stop.

    Stage 1: Out via the back roads to Lara via Werribee. Distance ~ 60km.

    Waypoint: Petrol Station, cnr Station Lake Road & McClelland Ave, Lara (Melways Ref 423 D5, UBD Ref 609 H11) (opposite the RSL). If this one happens to be closed (it shouldn't be) we'll move to the smaller BP Station, cnr Station Lake Road & Forest Road (Melways 422 K5, UBD 609 B12). Last fuel stop for some time, so fill up here. ***If you want to join the ride here, please let Chairman or myself know, so we'll locate you. Aim for around 11:30am assemble at this venue***

    Stage 2: From Lara, we'll head NW into the foothills of the Brisbane Ranges, heading towards Anakie, then up Pringles Road to Steiglitz, Maude and finally Meredith. Roads through here get steep as they wind through the foothills. Distance ~45km.

    Waypoint: Meredith. Meredith has some amenities, but the availability on a public holiday MAY be limited. Plenty of room to park your bike in the shade and cool off though.

    Stage 3: From Meredith, we'll go NE, across Slate Quarry Road and up higher - through Dindidwarrah, Mt Wallace and Glenmore before passing through Rowsley, and finally into Bacchus Marsh. Distance ~50km.

    Waypoint: Bacchus Marsh. Full range of service stations, fast food chains and sources of caffiene for those now suffering withdrawal symptoms.

    Stage 4: We'll head East, before turning SE back towards suburbia. Down through Parwan, behind Mt Cottrell and then down Derrimut road to Sayers road, finally returning to the start point for a BBQ and cool-off at Chairmans' place. Distance ~50km.

    Destination: Chairman's Backyard. Not a bad place for a BBQ, and loads of bike parking!

    Bring Along: BBQ items, if you're coming for the BBQ as well. Chairman will put these in his fridge BEFORE we depart for the ride, so don't worry about carrying it. Its going to be a warm day, so pack plenty of water, sunscreen, etc as you'll probably need it. Finally, with the public holiday disruptions, the availability of take-away food MAY be limited until we reach Bacchus Marsh, so prepare accordingly.

    Finally, don't forget to RSVP so we know who to wait for. You can reach me (Steve) on the day, if necessary, on 0417 925 813.

    Those of you who are ONLY coming for the BBQ (and thats allowed, in fact encouraged if you can't make the ride as well) and need to know where Chairman lives, either PM him, or SMS me on the number above.

    See you there!

    So now you know.
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  10. Done deal. I'm limited to 90-100 with the sidecar, but I'm happy to take it if you want to handle the navigation.
  11. This is now a VERY learner friendly ride, as I'll be taking the sidecar. That means I'll be at the posted speed limit most of the way. If another group wants to go ahead, Voyager and I have briefing notes.

    So you can bring lunch, water, small items of furniture and I'll haul them about in the chair.
  12. If i can drag my sorry arse out of bed....

    I'm there.

    0418 219 330
  13. Ok, me +1 will cruise over your side of town tomorrow.

    See you at the Westside Taverner 10ish.
  14. Anybody coming through the city? I'm in North Melb, can meet at Todd rd servo...
  15. if i get up early guys r will join u riders,wat time do u think u will be @ baccusmarsh???
  16. GMAN - I don't rightly know, but if you SMS your phone number to me, I'll SMS you from Meredith, which will give you about an hours warning. My number is in the ride notes.
  17. Well, just got home after the BBQ - what a TERRIFIC day!!! Ride report follows:

    The day started early, at least for me it did, arriving at Chairman's to highlight the maps and prep the bikes. Time got away from us, so I rode the whole 2 minutes to the meeting point to find everyone else waiting for us. Sent Marty back to base so Chairman could load him into the Gimp-Cart.

    So, all waiting there was iwantabiggerbike, Loz and his partner, Realm and Greg. Then who should arrive but Scumbag and Elle. At first I thought they were going to join us in the cage, but no - they'd come along to see Marty ride the chair!!!

    So, Chairman and Marty show up, and we're on our way. A quick run down the freeway took us to Werribee, where we slipped onto the back roads and ran through Little River into Lara, for fuel and a drinks break. Along the way, Marty discovered that a sidecar leaves your hands free, and began playing with his camera. I'm sure he'll post up the horde of pictures he took later - some ought to be quite impressive (and others less so...).

    Out of Lara, we snuck past the main highways onto Pringles Road, and up into the foothills towards Meredith. If you haven't ridden these roads, you really should - loads of hills, dips and sweepers, and in general very good surface. Plus there is plenty of shade from overhanging eucalypts - its quite a scenic route. Just watch out for the dip over the bridge and then a fairly sharp corner to the right - a few of us didn't quite judge that one well. From Pringles road we turned northwards onto Steiglitz Road, and ran this all the way into Meredith.

    Meredith provided us with a quiet pub lunch - a little slow in coming, but for the most part we were happy to spend a quiet hour there. After that, it was time to hit the highway to Yaloak Vale, via Slate Quarry Road. A nice run, again watch out just after you hit the road - there is a one lane bridge that you hit nearly blind (the other side has better vision though).

    We turned right onto Mt Wallace - Yaloak Vale - Glenmore Road (the sign just says Glenmore Road, but the map has the full name - watch out!), and immediately were given a VERY steep and windy section. Great care was exercised, as not only did we have to content with a near 60 degree slope, we had hairpin bends, gravel on the road, and a 4WD coming the other way. A little scary for me, but we got through it. After that, the road was much nicer - a very nice run indeed. Swinging back north up the Balliang road took us into Bacchus Marsh, for a fuel stop for the smaller bikes amongst us (ie: mine).

    Finally, out of Bacchus Marsh and out towards Parwan. Here we hit the only problem - roadworks just past a bridge, forcing us to detour to Melton. From there, we gave up on trying to swing around Mt Cottrell, and simply took the Western Highway east a few km, before taking the C702 (Derrimut Road) towards Werribee, finally completing the journey along Sayers Road to the end point.

    Fantastic day out, and I HIGHLY recommend this route for those people on Learners or just off - you'll learn plenty about cornering, hills and other road conditions, and the roads are mostly wide enough to be forgiving.

    Thanks to all who came along and made it such a great day!
  18. it seems i missed a good ride 2day,it was good to c thata ride was organised from this side of town,hopefully many more