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VIC Western ring road speed camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by foot69, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Just got a call from the young bloke, he's been booked for 4ks over.
    Normally I'd tell him to harden up, problem is he drives all over melbourne in the work truck and he's just got 5 tickets from the same camera for 4ks over. He's never had a speeding ticket before this. Clean license.

    My opinion is that the camera may be/has been faulty. If it was him I'd expect him to have more than that and at separate locations..
    Dont have details of which particular camera yet..

    Any suggestions?

  2. All tickets are for 4k's over? Perhaps the truck's speedo is out?
  3. Just got off the phone to him, speed varies between 4 and 10 ks over, All the same camera tho, and he's been driving the same truck for 4? years
    Melb geelong road every morning and night so I'm surprised he hasnt been done there as well.
  4. wasnt there a story about the western ring road cameras being shut down due to faults over the last year? BUT why the same camera 4 times? Is it on a straight?
  5. yeah I think it was Arcs who has mentioned the existence of said camera, ask him where it is.
  6. I think he's talking about the speed cameras under the fullarton road bridge. They overlook the southbound side of the Western Ring Road. That whole section of the Ring Road has been 80 for a while now due to construction but since NOONE i see follows that limit there I thought they were turned off! Apparently not...
  7. He can write a letter to the police, asking to just pay the single (worst) fine. Same thing happened to me on the Western ring road.
  8. Without knowing the full details of the situation as described by the op, I was thinking the same thing. Have a look at this link.


    Noting -
    Hope that helps. Good luck.
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  9. Good post day. I would have said the same.

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  10. A couple more things I'd like to add, not entirely applicable to the situation described but I just thought i'd put it out there anyway. Justus or one of the other more knowledgeable forum members are welcome to pull me up if i'm wrong (this has all come from personal experience):

    - It's still worth writing the letter if some of the speeding fine are >10kmh. The multiple infringements guidelines are only guidelines and whoever reads the letter may still decide to take pity on the accused.

    - If you're taking this path pay the fines by the due date. The money will be refunded to you if you get the desired outcome.
  11. Thanks Day
    That may help. because its a work truck and the office is bloody useless, he didnt get notified of the first offence until after he'd been booked for the others..
    He'll have to got through the dates and make sure tho..
  12. Fingers crossed. Let us know how he goes.

  13. Boundary road on ramp??? After the road works..
  14. Boundary road speed cameras are for 100km/hr speed limits, there are no permanent road works there nor have I seen any road works there for a while.

    There are 2 cameras, one inbound and one outbound. Inbound (Altona bound) has cameras facing forwards (so front number plates only) but hidden behind the Boundary Rd exit sign gantry spanning all 3 lanes (not including exit ramp). Outbound (Greensborough bound) has the cameras facing rearwards (rear number plates) and again, hidden behind the Boundary Rd exit sign gantry spanning 3 lanes.

    Would also like to point out for those who don't travel on the Western Ring Rd a lot, that the speed sensors for the inbound camera are before the gantry...so if you slow down after the gantry, sorry but it would have been too late. The outbound has the sensors after the gantry.