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Western QBE

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Hey all, was just wondering who is insured with Western QBE and did you get a discount for being a member of Netrider?
    I know if your a member of MA they give you a 10% discount and insure you for 14 months. Is it the same here?

  2. whats ma?
  3. another motorcycle club? you pay 65 dooolars and thats what you get... I was reading in anotherthread from ages ago that you get a discount if your a net rider member. Which I am as of yesterday.

    I was just wondering what that discount would be?
  4. MRA gets 10% and 14 months for the price of 12.
  5. I can categorically say that Western QBE DO NOT give a discount for being a Netrider member. I specifically asked and the consultant specifically said "No, Netrider is not a club we approve of".

    That was 20 minutes ago.

    That said, the RACV quote was $940, Shannons was $822 and QBE was $494, all for the same bike and all on Market Value. QBE on Agreed Value of $8500 was $544
  6. Was that on a VFR?
    What does Swann Quote?
    Swann are very good to deal with when you need them, which is not when you are paying your renewal of course.
  7. I'm currently in the middle of a claim with them too, I'll post how it goes. They're certainly cheap, and I've heard good things about how they handle their claims, so fingers crossed.

  8. Well I got my insurance as follows

    FULL COMP on the Hyosung GT250R
    Learner Licence
    No more than 8,000km per year (easy as i'm a weekend warrior)
    Drink Driving Charge in 2002
    Rating 1 on my car insurance
    No crash that was my fault in the last 5 years
    With MRA Membership (65.00)

    = 14 months insurance @ $464.20

    SWANN wanted me to pay $1500 (told them to eat a d1ck)
  9. I have the CB250 with Swann, renewal came up yesterday, $308.
    I have the Ducati with QBE, $530.
    Be careful, Swann allow my choice of repairer, QBE don't, you have to go with one of their approved repairers.
  10. yeah Swann are good, until you make a claim and then expect to be stuffed about.

    If you join the MRA to get the discount with QBE, ya still in front!!
  11. Are you sure Nodz? I thought I read on their policy that they recommend you go with an approved repairer so as to speed up the process, but that you can choose a repairer if you want?


  12. huh...???
    I have a 2 claims with Swann in the past 8 years
    and never a hassle....you get choice of repairer,
    the bike was assessed and repairs authorised within 2 days
    of the accident....and they went the other driver
    in one case (and won, so no excess to pay)

    and as a MRA member.... NO, QBE did not give me a discount
    when I asked for a quote for my latest (the ZX12r)
    That fact has been reported back to the MRA committee
    and so
    I went with Shannons on the 12R..coz they were a bit cheaper
    than Swann and also allowed me to pay the premium monthly

  13. Swann have never stuffed me around,an example after a write off the offer was cash or new bike replacement, one witness (aquaintence) no police present after accident etc. etc.
    The only bugbear was that the customisation was not covered as I had failed to notify them as I was well aware that I should have.
  14. then you did better than me.......

    9 months of hassling them after the bike was written off.
  15. sir_b (Justin) might be the case but I could have sworn when I took out the policy about 6 months ago that was the case. I might have read the policy schedule incorrectly.
  16. I had probs insuring with swann last year due to having 2 prior bingles (not at fault). qbe insured me no probs, and was ALOT cheaper than swann's original quote with cover-note.
  17. Nodz: I may be wrong actually. Just had a look and it says this:

    "Use our recommended repairer network - your claim will proceed faster and more efficiently."

    Which may not actually mean that you don't have to use their recommended repairer network :)

  18. Do QBE pay up ?
    Do they always use new parts, Swann don't repair they renew, you don't have insurance for plastic welding and bog.
  19. I went with shannons and i got 20,000 cover for 794 bucks. Cant complain about that, Was better than qbe by about 100 bucks

  20. who knows but anythings better than my experience with Swann.

    have to disagree, they were gonna repair until I said I wanted a new fairing, then they wrote it off and the dramas began...