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Western NSW touring

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by duckula, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I need to get from Lismore NSW to Bathurst in a few weeks on my (SV650) and am looking for suggestions on route, I have time and it doesn't need to go straight there I was thinking:

    Lismore -> tenterfield -> moree -> coonabarbran -> dubbo -> orange -> bathurst

    Any suggestions never been out further than tenterfield before so won't have a clue :grin: , anything I should stop and see along the way?

    Thanks heaps....duckula.

    2005 SV650n
  2. Half of Waterfall Way, Thunderbolts, deserted backroad from Dungog to Gresford, Putty Road and Bells Line of Road :cool:

    The fun way
  3. Mmm. I can vouch for much of Toecutter's proposed route, having travelled most of those roads just a month and a half ago. :)

    (Just make sure you don't do Thunderbolts Way/Bucketts Way after the sun goes down! :LOL: )
  4. Thanks Toecutter and spots sounds like a plan....took a look on that google maps plan and it looks...um rather fun :grin: . So the roos make Thunderbolts Way/Bucketts Way a no no after dark?
  5. I mostly saw wombats, actually! :LOL:

    Wildlife aside, if you're heading South along Thunderbolts Way then the twistiest part is all downhill, and the road surface can be a little patchy to boot - a few potholes here and there, a little bit of gravel.

    So that's... Wildlife; Bad visiblity due to total lack of light at night; Downhill twisties; and the odd bit of patchy road quality for flavour. Not the most enjoyable. :) I'm sure it's MUCH easier during the day.

    If you're in the mood for some extreme verbosity, I wrote about my trip from Brisbane to Wollongong along many of those roads. I did a bit of Summerland Way (took a 'detour' via Clarence Way, so ignore that part), Waterfall Way and Thunderbolts/etc.

    There's a Google Maps link in the title of each section to show the road I'm talking about for each bit. :)