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[West MELB] Beer and Spanners Thurs 16th Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Slow Coach, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. I have added this to the calender.

    I will be changing a friends chain and sprockets on Thursady 16th Dec. At my house in Yarraville. PM for the address.

    Start about 6pm. Can fire up bbq as well if required.
  2. Missed out. Loads of work done on a couple of machines and I was surprised at how little beer was drunk.
  3. That's cos you threw me out early :LOL:
  4. What calendar did you add this to?
    Why would you think people would be interested in watching you change a chain and sprocket?
    A barbie and beers perhaps,but chain and sprocket!-do something interesting like port and polish a head or fit a turbo.
  5. Event/Ride Calander. Since that is a sensible question.
  6. Just FYI I would have gone but went on a ride instead.

    Maybe next time you do this see if you can do it on a Saturday after learner practice or something? That way you have the most chance of people who are new to bikes turning up :)