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West Head - big car, big boat - aaaggh!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rose, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. We headed out towards West Head this morning for a quick ride but turned around at the entrance to the park because we were too mean to pay the $11 entry fee each for a quick fang - shame - it's a great road. So we headed down towards Church Point on McCarrs Creek Road instead. There were bicycles everywhere - big bunches of them - riding 3 abreast - all over the place. Frustrating - and it's double white lines all the way - but hey, you learn to deal with that.

    So I'm doing the speed limit going around a corner downhill and suddenly there right in front of me in my lane - like slap bang right in my lane - is the most enormous four-wheel drive with the most enormous boat behind it - overtaking a couple of cars and a bunch of pushbikes up the hill. It happened so fast I had almost no time to react other than to go faaaaaaaaaaaark in my helmet and grab the brakes. Somehow - I don't know how - the four-wheel drive manages to slip back into his side of the road - I think the car he was overtaking jammed on the brakes to give him room to pull back in. It all happened so fast that I'm past the procession of cars and bikes before I know it thinking - what just happened there - how am I still alive and upright?

    What makes a four-wheel drive with a big boat (not just a boat - a BIG boat) behind it think it can slip around two or three cars and a bunch of bikes around a blind corner going up a hill over double white lines safely? What is it that goes on in the heads of people like this?

    My guardian angel is taking the rest of the weekend off - he's exhausted. I'm staying put in front of my computer for the rest of the day.

  2. I'm not having a go at you here, but here's a thought:
    You've described a road chock-full of bicyclists doing the wrong thing by riding 3-abreast, but then proceeded around a bend you couldn't see around, at a speed that suggests you were lucky to avoid the 4-wheeler...
    I'm taking a lesson from this, for myself - thanks Rose.
  3. There is plenty of SPECAL PEOPLE hanging around in boats down there,sounds typical and crazy to boot,lucky boy.Probably should add that its common on a lot of narrow roads around Sydney,the river run from Wisemans to Mangrove,St Arbans ect ect for cars to use way to much of you side of the road,I am always very very left on blind bends
  4. Lucky I always ride defensively and was set-up ready for idiots. Sorry - I omitted to mention that's how I always ride.
  5. Fair enough too Rose - a good reminder to me to do the same.
  6. Thats the only way to go, Expect the worst when cornering,

  7. NK. I read it as Rose came around a corner to be presented with the scenario she described. So she didn't know about the bikes, didn't know about the cars, and didn't know about the big fvck off boat until it was all in front of her.

    It's a one in a million scenario that's hard to be prepared for.

    The question I have is, if the cars couldn't see a safe passage around the bikes, what was the 4WD pulling a boat thinking?

    ...and Rose, you lucky sonofagun. The road gods were smilin ;)
  8. Thanks Chef - definitely my interpretation that was lacking...
  9. Hey rose,

    Sounds like you did a great job...what time where you out there?
  10. Around 9am Tigger. Were you out there? There were a few motorbikes. It was a frustrating ride, apart from the maniac fourwheel drive and boat - and I didn't have much fun. We ended up at Pie in the Sky for coffee and then I consoled myself by doing the twisties down to Brooklyn and back 4 times :D
  11. Hi Rose,

    Wasn't out this weekend, but I've done that ride plenty of times, I'd suggest try getting to west head around 7.30 less bike and boats on the road!!

    I did it with another NR Rider on Australia Day and there were plenty of cyclists riding 3 abreast.

    Those twisties are fun eh?

  12. Nothing worse than Sydney drivers, the worst of these are those yuppies in the eastern suburb towing a huge boat with their big 4WD. Because trucks cant access some of these tight roads these ego 4WD drivers are promoted to the king of the road status and adjust their driving to suit.

    Zim I don’t know if your talking about the same River run. The River run for me didn’t go to St Albans, but along River Road from Wisemans Ferry to Sackville North. I did this last Friday and wow what a great piece of road, magnificent views and bitumen all the way (apart from 2 small sections). The road basically runs parallel to Hawksbury River for the full length.

    Anyway it’s one of the tighter roads, tons of blind corners, very narrow at places (lucky to have 2 cars fit side by side without one going on dirt), very little run off, holiday/camping spots dotted along its length, and a river beside it. Perfect recipe for big 4WD with boat and unfamiliar weekend drivers using your side of the lane. This road would have been a blast going at full tilt, however in these circumstances you really just have to adjust your speed and lines.


    Lol we bike riders are a cynical bunch arent we? always expecting everyone else to be doing the wrong thing. Sadly, thats pretty much the best way to ride I think, expect the worse from cagers so we could react accordingly even when they have their "oh sorry I didnt see you" moments.

    How about way way way out west up in the Blue Mountains? We didn’t get held up by many cars yesterday and was basically riding on our own, the weather is cooler there as well and the food is better lol. Going down Great Western highway is the total opposite so avoid that :).
  13. Complete and utter disregard for the rights and safety of others stemming from his own sense of self-importance in driving a 4 tonne system with a high seating position and no doubt oversize bullbar. Stick the bast@rd in a 1.3 litre Hyundai Getz and you'll see his driving behaviour alter dramatically.
  14. +1 to that
  15. [QUOTE
    Zim I don’t know if your talking about the same River run. The River run for me didn’t go to St Albans, but along River Road from Wisemans Ferry to Sackville North. I did this last Friday and wow what a great piece of road, magnificent views and bitumen all the way (apart from 2 small sections). The road basically runs parallel to Hawksbury River for the full length.

    I think your talking about another ride we do,your run I think is down to Wisemans and left past the Webs Creek Ferry and out past the bridge to nowear ending up on the Putty Rd.We cross the main Wisemans Ferry and turn right to Spencer and Mangrove Mountain then down the Old Rd to Berarra.
    I am trying to get my mate keen to do the run to Wolambi{sp}.Thats cross the Webs Creek Ferry and out to St Arbans past the pub and out through the Common,turn left to The Wolambi Pub,AKA Dr Jurds.There is a fair bit of dirt but its an easy ride,anything for some variety.
  16. Oh ok I think I got your route now, it looks good actually, one day ill go through that route.

    Mine is basically from A to B along River Road (below)(ignore the googlemaps route, for some reason googlemaps cant route along River Road even though one of their camera car has driven it).

  17. I do McCarrs Creek Rd quite often - better than coming into Mona Vale (where I live) via Mona Vale Rd. I do however consider my run finished once I near Pasadena's at Church Point. (I mostly ride down McCarrs Creek Rd, not up - less risk of pushy's on the downhill run.) Once I it this mark, I slow down and cruise into Mona Vale... a school, motoring/sail clubs, driveways plus the inevitable muppet pulling out at snail pace with the 24' cruiser across your path is enough to slow me down.

    PS. The booze bus sets up most Thursday afternoons eastbound near the west end of Pittwater High so the assumption is a few people have too many during their extended luncheons - BEWARE.
  18. Well done Rose. Not recommending it, but the last phucker that did something 1/2 as bad as that to me ended up by the side of the road wondering how he'd get home without his keys after I stopped him for a chat. Dropped them at the local cop shop, said I'd found them at the side of the road.