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West Gate Bridge: Is it ever TOO windy???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cameo, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. OK so I've been riding for a little over a month now... find myself having to go back and forth over the bridge a fair bit, and to date I've had a few scary, windy rides over the West Gate, but generally I've found it to be quite enjoyable.

    BUT... at the end of the day, is it ever TOO windy to try to take a bike over that bridge? Will there be days where little me, as a pretty inexperienced rider, should just not attempt to cross it? And if so... how do I know that it's going to be that windy up there? [FWIW, I'm pretty light... 53kg of me sitting on a VTR250...]

    [I've done a bit of a search on this and got some good tips for riding in the wind over the bridge, but couldn't find anything on whether i should ever just avoid it completely].
  2. I ride over the bridge most days and the wind doesn't worry me that much even when it's blowing a gale.
    the speed limits drop to 40 if it gets too windy.
    Smooth steady throttle and leaning into the wind slightly will be fine.
    Any wind gusts can be unsettling but just go with the flow.
    Another trick is to ride on the "leeward" side of a truck so that it can shelter you from the wind but don't get too close obviously.
  3. I hate trucks on the westgate, if you get a bit comfy beside them and they drop back or you some how get behind or infront - BAM! on comes the wind.

    I've been on there when the gales were blowing and the speed limit was dropped to 40, was a bit of a fight. but i doubt you'd ever go over the edge from the wind.
  4. Yeah the guardrail should prevent that. Although there was a CBR250 rider killed somewhere in rural Victoria last year (or maybe the year before?) when a wind gust on a bridge shoved them into the guardrail so it is a very real danger
  5. Many years ago, it was so windy they actually closed the bridge and forced everyone off at Williamstown road
  6. Thanks for these responses... it's making me feel a little bit better about the whole thing. Really, one of my favorite things to do at the moment is cruise over the bridge at sunrise... maybe I'll just stop worrying about the 'what ifs' of the wind and focus on getting loads more experience!
  7. I've ever only had a problem with wind if I"ve eaten something bad! :rofl:

    No serious now, I've ever only had a problem with wind when I had 250's never with bigger bikes.
  8. i rode accross there last night in heavy rain and wind and felt that i was going to come off. Lean + wet + wind + oil on road + nighttime = Pucker going mental :LOL:
  9. On your bike unless there is a cyclone, No, but wind will certainly feel if you should not want to cross until you get a bigger more modern bike. Then this doesn't bother you at all.
  10. In an option avail to you when it gets blustery to ride next to car using them as wind breaks?
  11. I ride home over the bridge a few times per week and I haven't been worried by the wind except for Altona grass lands, the wind down there is all over the place and can get a little rough.
  12. i find when on teh 250 the wind would effect me more, but when on teh 636 the same high ammount of wind doesn't seem to bother me as much!