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West Footscray/Surrounding area warning.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by missmakeupgrrl, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Im really quite disturbed by what we just witnessed walking home from the station after a fun night out. My boyfriend and I caught the train back to our station West Footscray on the 11.23pm. While walking along and chatting we went around a corner and noticed four guys huddled into a doorway and I overhead 'Just please dont take my...' or something to that effect.
    As we walked on, we noticed the one of the guys was trying to conceal a baseball bat. I kept walking with my boyfriend and when we got out of earshot/view we hurried to call police - we tried twice but couldn't get through (we'd get an operator - but the station would ring out) while waiting to get through the victim had already been released and robbed of his possessions.
    We walked him back home and helped him call his banks and cancel his card. Obviously he was very shaken, and I offered to take him to the police. He advised this has happened to 3 other people he knows, but most recently his friend was hurt during one of these attacks. Although he knew about the attacks, he was trying to get home from work.

    I know this kind on stuff happens all the time, and it can happen in any suburb. I urge anyone who lives around this area to be extremely cautious, as we called the police when we got home and they advised there had been a spate of these attacks in recent days in the area. The police were quite concerned about this attack and appeared to be going out to go look for the attackers.

    I know a few of you live around here too, or you might know someone who does. I have always felt very safe in this suburb that has questionable reputation, but we're not going to have to adjust our lives to make sure we're safer.

    Thankgod I hardly catch public transport anymore :(
  2. Was this guy a homeowner, threatened when he opened his front door, or someone walking down the street, forced into a concealed location to be mugged?

    I wouldn't expect anyone to mess with a motorcyclist in full gear and helmet. One of the many reasons I ceased using public transport at night and bought a bike. Still, can never be too careful.

    These f*wits need to learn a little cause and consequence in my opinion. I blame their parents for not educating them in this manner. Hopefully one day they try this on a person in the position to fight back. I get infuriated when people like this get caught and are given a suspended jail sentence and 100 hours community service. Their parents deserve this punishment. They deserve to be left in a pool of their own blood, which is nothing short of what they are evidently prepared to do to others, given the baseball bat and all.

    As for the government, if I ever meet face to face with that slimy piece of refuse Brumby, I'm going to give him a f*n earful. Not enough police at stations or on the beat, not enough fire-fighters (we had to wait 15min for a fire truck last week while we tried to fight it with a garden hose), and not enough hospital beds. And instead of ignoring this, people need to get pissed off and make it a water-cooler subject, instead of bloody AFL. That's the only way change is going to occur. The only way.

    My sympathies to you missmakeupgrrl for your traumatic experience, and good onya for helping a stranger in need. We need more people like you.
  3. if america from no where can find 700billion to rescue a few stakeholders, surely australia can find some money to increase salary for cops and make it more appealing for others to join. end of last year i and best mate was witness to a fatal accident, when giving our statement in the cop cars, we both noticed on the radio the calls from cops requesting back up non stop and just no where near enough officers to help. i said to the cop sounds busy and he said that was just normal and it gets worse!
  4. Can you provide a description of these 4 arsewipes so we know what to look out for?
    Maybe a netrider vigilante group patrolling the area. (jk)
  5. Welcome to Footscray. Unfortunately the Police Station has one of the worst reputations in Melbourne, so you're lucky that you were finally able to get through. :roll: We had a problem about a year ago and the cops took 45mins to arrive and the station is only 200m away!!!

    I spent a couple of years there and never had any major dramas round that way, but I suspect that with pickings for gutless scumbags getting a bit slim they're moving towards the more affluent parts (Yarraville, Seddon, East Footscray).

    The guy was lucky he wasn't physically hurt. Best advice I can give is to get some basic self defence lessons if you're going to be out and about at night. Don't give the f**kers an easy target. There are plenty of good martial arts schools about at reasonable prices that offer practical defence techniques that might mean the difference between becoming another victim or making them think twice before they do it again. There is a school in my sig if interested.
  6. Dangerous attitude if you think a helmet and gloves make you bulletproof.
  7. Doesn't automatically mean the Police were in the station. I mean they could be like, gee I dunno - RESPONDING TO SOMEONE ELSES CALL FOR ASSISTANCE! :roll:
  8. I think the point Dougz was trying to make is that Footscray, in addition to a number of other police stations, are seriously understaffed for the expected number of calls for assistance on any given night. It's not for a moment the cops' fault. It's our fault. For letting that scumbag collection of politicians we call a government getting away with it. We need to hold them accountable.

    I'm not saying that because I am wearing a black jacket, boots, gloves and helmet, as I do, that I am all of a sudden fit for taking these sorts of people on. I'm definitely not. I'm saying they would think twice about messing with someone who, because of the gear, they cannot adequately gauge the strength of.

    Remember, these guys are gutless cowards. They prey on people they don’t expect to be able to fight back.
  9. G'day everyone,.....

    Yes,.... the message finnaly starts to get out!

    Dr Who?
  10. You know Footscray much? :roll:
  11. I wish I got a better look at them, but it was dark and they were trying to conceal themselves as we walked passed. It was only when I saw a baseball bat it all came together and I realized what was happening. It was too late to look back and try and sus out any details of what they looked like..

    I can tell you there were big fans of adidas and fila trackies?
  12. Dougz, I agree, self defence is great, but, 4 armed attackers v's 1 unarmed victim, imho best defense is submission unless you are supremely confident in your ability, and prepared that you may get shot or stabbed anyway! Cash and cards are pretty easy to replace.
  13. No, but I know it's making a pretty stupid assumption that because you are 200 metres from the Police Station then there are going to be a myriad of Police sitting in there by the phone waiting for your call and no one else's. You know Policing much?? Give us the benefit of your many years of service Smee. :wink:
  14. Sure
    the footscray police station is farkin HUGE as it is the hub for the inner Western suburbs and is operational 24/7.
    Footscray has a high crime rate and should be better resourced.
  15. And like most 24 hr stations they would be lucky to run two trucks/divvy vans on each shift and maybe 3 on Fri & Sat nights. i.e. 6 General Duties Police trying to service a very large area and populace. Hence my comment to Dougz. Couldn't agree more with your last sentence. I just get particularly annoyed with people who make the comment "the Police Station's only up the road. Why aren't the cops here straight away?". Never mind the fact the Patrol may be 100 square kays or so and the Police may be at the opposite end of the Patrol dealing with something serious.
  16. Not bullet Proof, but i would not like to be hit in the head with a helmet or punched with carbon fibre knuckles?

    when i use to work at mcdonalds in mooroolbark the cop shop is across the road and we would wait hours for them to rock up, just need more police.
  17. Will do. Mate
  18. Tool, read my post. We got an operator.... what does that suggest...000 perhaps? Yes thats right, we called 000. Only that station direct when we got home.

    Further, I was called by the cops to give a statement yesterday - and I saw on the news a couple of hours later someone was bashed with a baseball bat in Williamstown. I think it was the same people....
  19. Because they could? :?