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Werribee mechanics

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ashes, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. Just want to share a positive experience in Werribee.

    First time I've had to use a mechanic since getting my first bike. It was stalling a bit at lights etc. Took it to Werribee motorcycles (the KTM dealer) and they did a tune, balance, fork oil, lube, replaced sparkplugs, chain adjustment and a thorough check over for just over $100 (I'd done the oil/filters 4 weeks ago). Good service, they listened to what I wanted and had the bike ready promptly
  2. Good to hear Ashes, its important that you find a mechanic that you are comfortable with. For what they did the price sounds right.......I think

  3. I've also used Werribee Motorcycles - twice for servicing, once for equipment. Customer service is generally good, but they aren't, in my opinion, particularly newbie-friendly - I couldn't "talk the talk" correctly, and they got rather curt with me the first time. They also seem understaffed at times.

    Service on the bike improved the whole feel of the bike, fixed a few minor problems, etc. Not cheap though - think it was $270- for the job, including service, tune, oil, plugs & air filter. Took an extra day than it should have, but I'm reasonably happy with the results.

    Second service experience is ongoing (bike is there right now to get the power levels improved) - we'll see - will edit this post in the next 24hrs with an update.

    My main complaint with them is that they do -NOT- contact you during a service to let you know the progress - they wait for you to call them, and then sound a little annoyed that you did.

    Anyway, there's my few cents.
  4. <<edited out - unfair comments>>
  5. What a barstard, has what they were going to do started, can you take the bike out of there now?
  6. Maybe I was lucky...I had the luxury though of letting them have the bike for a week and wasn't in a hurry. From memory I did call them to see how it was going and was told it was ready but wasn't concerned with this at the time.
  7. Guess you were Ashes I had my chain & sprockets replaced locally for my roadworthy & when my current mechanic recently took a look at Bond found that the rear wheel was adjusted crookedly! No wonder my right hand turns were crappy Bond was geared to turn left not right! This is why I won't take my bike to anyone else or recommend anyone else!
  8. I would be going down to the shop first thing in the morning and if work on my bike hasnt started, id get the bike out of there. The shop should have rung you if there was a problem. Werribee Motorcycles has been known to be a bit like that for years, I wouldnt recomend them to anyone. Best thing to do is get a book and start learning. Most small jobs can be done at home with a basic toolkit amd the right instruction (ie: service manual for your bike) Its really rewarding when you can work on your own bike, anyone can learn, Ive seen some of the people that work at bikeshops, if they can do it, you can 2.
  9. I'd go get it, but with work committments, etc - I just -can't-. Basically, it has to stay there until Thursday night AT BEST - I simply don't have the ability to collect it. Their opening hours and my work hours do NOT line up well.

    4130: Even me, who is a mechanical idiot ? :p I was thinking of taking a night school course in bike mechanics, if for no other reason than it will help me learn more about bikes in general.

    I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Bond Girl - I might employ Mike's services when I go out that way next to make sure they haven't done something stupid to it.
  10. I went and did the one At Holmesglen a few months back, got me all learned up. Highly recommend it!!! Unfortunately its kind of on the wrong side of town for you.

    There was one at Swinburne in Hawthorn at one stage not sure if its still happening now but thats a little closer. But I dare say there would be something over your way. Grabbing the short course info for your local Tafe(s) should do the trick.
  11. Looks like I've hijacked this thread...

    OK... after 3 days of doing, well, not much - they say (after having said it was under power at the service...):

    "can't find much wrong with it"

    They reckon that a hole/dent in the "header pipe" MAY be affecting it a bit, and suggested I get one from a wrecker and fit it to see what that had to do with it. Their tech apparantly got it up to 115kph and said it hadn't topped out. As much as I struggle with mechanics, I can't see why it would be so different with me.

    Basically they're just blaming my size. :roll: So now I have to decide - do I keep with the XV, or do I have to do what I did NOT want to do, and go hunting for a different bike, one that CAN let me cruise the freeway without topping out. I can't afford too much $$ to change over, so unless I join the Dark Side and find someone to trade me an Across *gasp*, I'm pretty much stuck.

    Sue - you think Mike can do anything with it ??? I'm running out of options here...
  12. Recon we should firstly confirm that another rider and size makes that much difference in top end speed. Did they end up putting it on the dyno?
  13. Nope - the dyno "wasn't working". But if you want to see if you can arc it up to 110kph, you're more than welcome.
  14. Drop it around big fella, i'll give it a twist and see if I can get it up there.
  15. It's a 2 fiddy for fcuk sake, stop ringing the poor bastards neck. If you want to go faster ride down hill :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. btw don't take it to raceway kawasaki in Brooklyn, they don't know shit either.
  17. I know I've been criticised for pushing Mike as a mechanic (yes he's my boarder! now we've got that out in the open!) but as a mechanic he's 1st class won't rip you off & comes highly recommended by many other netriders not just me!
    He's a perfectionist in everything he does! I just get so frustrated seeing you guys spending your hard earned dollars on rip off merchants! I've been there too if you don't believe me scroll up! Voyager the only one who can tell you if Mike can help is Mike but if you want me to ride your bike over as lighter rider I'd give it a go and yes I'll be careful but freeway & city riding is where I'm best! you've got our ph no or pm if I'm on line! Can't stand to see the hassles you're having which prevent you from riding!
  18. Steve ive sent u a pm about the tank bag but u havent replied yet . But if u want to come around on the weekend and have a look at it i can take ur bike for a quick spurt , i weigh only 90 kilos . Just to see if top end is any different . My numbers in the pm.
  19. Thanks for the offers everyone - much appreciated. I'm doubtful its weight so much as sheer size thats the problem, but I'm open to ideas at this point.

    Midnight, Vic - I'm open Sat. afternoon after the ride, or sunday morning before I head up to give Deb a hand with the garden, so I'll fit in with you guys. I'll also pick up a muffler bandage from the auto-shop and plug that hole in the pipe until I can get a replacement from the wrecker.

    I'm just going to ensure that when I upgrade, I get the largest engine I can possibly find so this stops being a problem. A Rocket III is only 25K+ORC ...