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werribee bike shop/mechanics

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kyro_02, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. hey sorry not sure if this is in right direction, but does anyone know of bike mechanic or shops that will be able to fix a seal on a cbx250 -- the top of the engine .. sorry don't know what its called it is leaking a little oil because when you take the top thing off you're suppose to put new gasket on, sorry i know nothing about bikes. first REAL bike lol.

    the job itself shouldn't be hard its a few bolts up the top and needs and put a gasket there, i was going to get my mate to do it, but last time i gave a bike to someone to change a piston it came back with no engine.

    am after the shops phone num. for a quote or if you know more than one shop even better.

    i am in werribee, willing to travel to hoppers

  2. hey Port, what happens if I do that...? It didn't seem to make a difference the other day for me?
  3. City West Yamaha or Crofts Motorcycle wharehouse or Aussi bike hire, which is it? They have an identity crisis going on down there. Another 95% dirt bike shop :roll: :(
  4. thanks guys i 'll give them a call for some quotes ... i didn't expect there to be motorcycle mobile mechanics !! thats great saves me putting it back on the trailer :p
  5. Nah it makes no difference now.. but if enough of us drop the name then we might be able to negotiate a deal.
  6. There are a few different business under the one roof, all motorcycle related.

    95% dirt bike shop? How do you get that? I'd say it's 60% road and 40% offroad.
  7. Definitely at least a 60% road focussed shop.

    Taa Port
  8. gave RMC a call price was great but has only 22nd and 27th of march avail. :( -- will probably book with him if there isn't another place who can do it within a week , price isn't a worry, just any longer than a week wait is a worry :p

    edit: i bitten the bullet, i booked in with Rolling Motorcycles, he going to be here on the 22nd of this month to put new rocker gasket & new chrome mirrors. Can't wait :)