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Were you on Victoria Rd Lilydale today?? around 5pm?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doozerberry, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. My partner and I rode out to Yarra Glen today, or rather I rode to Yarra Glen and she road home. As we are both on our L's one of us has to use the car. My partner has not done 100k's an hour before and it was her first time reaching any decent speed.
    Needless to say we did encounter at least idiot driver on the road. However there was a rider on a large bike, silver colour, perhaps a BMW? I noticed they had overtaken a lot of traffic following us, but took their time and made sure it was safe when they overtook us. They also gave my partner the thumbs up as they did so.
    If this was you, I just wanted to say a REALLY big thanks. Its daunting being a Learner, especially those first few rides. The first thing the mrs said when she hopped off the bike was, "I got a thumbs up"! It made her day.
    So thank you for being considerate and not rushing us, and for being encouraging, it was such a nice refreshing thing to see.


  2. Hi Doozer,

    It weren't me (though I live in Lilydale and was on that road at that time), but I always try to give people on L's extra room and care. We need as many people riding bikes as we can and anything that can be done to encourage people to learn and continue is a good thing. So I'll keep an eye out for a car following an XV on L's going slow and make sure I say a big Hi! as I potter past.

    Come out on a Netride sometime soon and you'll see lots of other friendly people!!

  3. Hi Cliff,

    Will hopefully see you out on the road sometime!! I'll be travelling in this area all the time. Mind you we dont always follow each other, mainly if we're trying something new... like going at a faster speed. At least then we can try and make sure there is survival space behind us!!

    Am looking forward to a time I feel confident enough to go on a netrider ride. Unfortunately I suffer from anxiety attacks, so I tend to stick fairly close to home, although I'm sure I will travel further and further now I have a bike.

    See you on the road,
  4. Hi there, like yourselves I am a fairly new and novice rider, only recently traded the L's in for a full licence with restrictions for 12 months. I have only traveled 2800 km on my new bike (first bike ) , so still I have much to learn about riding. I decided to go on a netrider ride last sunday, down the coast, and whilst there were some challenging roads, one thing was apparent, the senior riders with more experience will always look out for ya, if they are reading this, would like to say thankyou very much for making sure people did not get lost. There were 22 bikes on this ride, and believe it or not there is something to be said for strength in numbers, cars were keeping distance and not challenging the pack.
  5. It's bloody great isn't it to get some positive recognition like your missus got, and especially in the early days of riding.
  6. mystic, it is really great to get some positive reinforcement. I even love getting a nod from another rider going in the opposite direction, its like being part of a club that people in cars just dont understand.

    Fuzz.. firstly love your little tagline, it is SO true! I will eventually join a netrider ride, once I expand my boundaries a little... (suffer from a bit of agoraphobia, so I dont like to stray too far from home). In the meantime though I will probably go for a ride with my dad, he is a sedate rider. My brother and a mate of mine also ride, and have asked if I want to go, but they are on sports bikes, and love speed... They would probably have to wait half an hour for me to catch up all the time!