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We're winning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The Hack, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Twenty five years ago, when I first started commuting on the Nepean there were weeks when I never saw another bike.
    I haven't done the Nepean for a few years, having opted for the beach route, but tried it today and found myself part of a four-abreast line of bikes heading up to St Kilda Junction with a scooter trailing behind.
    Along St Kilda Road three more bikes appeared.
    Can it be true? It seems like we are winning at last.

  2. I hope so, the more bikes on the road, the more cager awareness. Safer for us all.

    The stats say it is a lot of returning riders. I am not sure we are capturing the minds of younger riders though. The ABS says Motorcycles are the fastest growing transport segment Australia wide 4.7% against 2.1% for cars.

    I don't see the manufacturers putting an effort into building their next market. Country kids get around on chook chasers for a lot of their youth, city kids are not so lucky. All young kids love motorcycles but by the time they are to the stage they can get a license this attraction seems to have waned. WHY?

  3. Cars do seem to be getting more and more accepting of lane splitting as well.

    The other day approaching the bridge I had a van move over to let me past. This is a fairly common occurrence, and I gave him the thumbs up, only to have the next to cars see me and split apart like the red sea. I could have split traffic in a volvo. I didn't have enough thumbs to up with.
  4. CJVFR,
    Why, you ask!

    I think by the time the kids are at the age they can get a motorcycle licence, other interest arrive at the same time! Car, girlfriend/boyfriend, new job, travel etc...

    Another thing is the adventure/romance of riding a motorcycle wears off and/or mum & dad instill the myth of how dangerous those 2 wheel contraptions are!
    My father, still nags me about how dangerous bikes are; and l've been riding for around 35 years now:banghead:.
    Unless another family member or close friend are into bikes, the childhood dream just fizzes out.
    Much like me wanting to be an astronaut, fighter pilot & a fireman.;) ...... maybe oneday!

    For me, having grown up in the country, it amazes me, when l come across people that have never been on a bike or fired a rifle/gun.
    Then again, l held a car & bike licence for around 2 years before l actually drove through a set of traffic lights.
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  5. Similar story in my family, but not as long a rider as you. In my mum's mind, every day is a mutually exclusive riding experience with an equally very likely very high probability of a serious injury. There is no cumulative risk reduction benefit provided by riding experience - and no way to convince them otherwise.

    So be it.
  6. Sadly you are right, the consistent drip drip of the propaganda about danger wears a lot of kids down. The drinking, car, girls, job etc arriving at the same time is our licensing system. Lower the Learner age to 16. It is 14 in Italy for 50cc mopeds, similar rules in France. 16 and you can ride a 125cc in Spain and we can see what that plus the motorcycle culture has done in breeding champions.

    Getting kids on to bikes early in a controlled manner is a worthwhile thing. I think most of us will agree riding a bike makes you a better car driver.
  7. I went down the Pac Hwy Wahroonga to Artamon yesterday in morning peakhour and afternoon school pick up time. Absolutely horrendous and hardly saw another bike. Very few filtering opportunities due to the narrow lanes. So, there's no winning there. I probably should have gone via Snives or something.