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We're sharing the road with these bozos!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rc36, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. NSW Police say they're angry about a string of reckless driving incidents –including a P-plater caught drink driving twice in two days.

    And senior police say officers won't tolerate drivers breaking the road rules.

    The warning comes after the death of two people on NSW roads so far this long weekend – one of them a P-plater – and despite the imposition of double demerits, aimed at improving driver behaviour.

    At Camden, on Sydney's south-western fringe, a P-plater was pulled over on Friday after one of his passengers was spotted hanging out the car window.

    A breath test showed the 19-year-old driver was over the limit.

    The same driver was pulled over yesterday and again found to be over the limit.

    He was charged with mid-range drink driving and driving whilst suspended and will face court next month.

    In a separate incident, a 15-year-old girl allegedly tried to avoid a random breath test at Gosford, north of Sydney, yesterday.

    When officers finally caught up with her, a test showed she was over the limit.

    She has been charged with mid-range drink driving and other traffic offences.

    In another case, a 25-year-old Ryde man was clocked travelling at 119kph in a 50kph zone at Ultimo, in inner Sydney. His driver's licence was suspended on the spot.

    A 20-year-old P-plater died today when his vehicle rolled down an embankment in north-western NSW.

    About 40 people have been injured in 156 major crashes.

    Traffic Services Commander Acting Chief Superintendent John Lipman said officers would not tolerate drivers breaking the road rules.

    "One of the things that has amazed police so far during this operation is the anecdotal evidence showing a number of people who have been stopped by police on a number of occasions committing similar offences, often within minutes of the previous matters," he said.

    And, in this report also:

    A 58-year-old man who was thrown from his bike in a collision at Nelson Bay yesterday and died. It's bad news whichever way you look at it.

    I know we have some forum members to whom any mention of the police is like a red rag to a bull, but, leaving aside the ideological crap for a moment, you can't blame the police for being a bit antsy when they have to deal with stuff like this. I know I wouldn't want to be the person having to go to someone's house and tell them their son/daughter has been cleaned up in a road accident.
  2. Speeding I can understand (although in a 50km/h zone? C'mon!), but drink driving we really shouldn't have to tolerate. Many drivers are somewhat inept at the best of the times on our roads, and impairing themselves even further with alcohol is just a ridiculous increase in risk to others.

    Not good. Don't care if you're a risk to yourself, but a risk to others bothers me.
  3. Drink driving and reckless speeding are acts of gross irresponsibility, but there's a fair bit media hype involved in traffic accident reporting.

    Isn't it a fact that Australia's roads are amongst the safest in the world?

    Two people have died and 40 injured on NSW roads so far this long week end...

    How many journeys were sucessfuly?

    How many people commited suicide?

    Yes, we need to be mindful of the dangers and aware that there are drunk drivers out there that aren't effectively removed from the roads, but motorcycling is about fun and exhilaration isn't it?

    Looking forward to the trackday tomorrow :D
  4. Or attend the accident scene and see a human as a piece of mutilated meat spread across the bitchumin or hanging pieces of flesh stuck to jaggered pieces of what used to be a door, or having a 20 yr old die in your arms when you should be at the pub on a saturday night... need I really go on.

    Stupid behaviour on the road is reffered to as stupid for a reason. Drinking, speeding, sleeping, has no distinction if tou're taking the lives of other people into you're own hands. That person you might kill is someone's son, daughter, mum, dad, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, brother or sister. Before anyone does these things they should imagion themselves as the surviving relative then rethink or face the full front of the law.