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were rs125 in oz restricted modles??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by twinrock, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. i have read o line lots of stuff refering to de-restricting aprilia rs125, but it just seems europe, are the ozzy ones restricted too i would have thought not...if so how thanks

  2. Modles.

    Sounds like a minature Roger Daltrey.
  3. I suspect that what you are referring to are the bikes sold into the UK where, for many years, learners were limited to 125s, restricted to 12 bhp. As far as I know, no other market has placed an artificial restriction on the power output of 125s, so I doubt very much whether it applies to Oz market models.

    BTW, most modern 125s were restricted for the UK market by disabling or omitting whatever powervalve mechanism the engine manufacturer favoured.
  4. rs125 sold new in australia are/were not restricted.
  5. yeah cool thats what i thought
  6. but they do have the nasty dip mid rev range for emission law requirements.
  7. Well the 2009 models are definitely unrestricted. I have a barcode sticker stating "RS125 FULL POWER E3 ROSSO FLUO" found in the mini toolbox compartment.

    In terms of mods, I'd probably just put a full Arrow system and rejet accordingly. Its already a quick learners bike IMO..
  8. I noticed this sticker and searched it and here I am.

    So then all I need to do is mod the ECU and rejet the carbs to remove the midrange dip?
  9. Except by the whipper snipper engine.