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We're our own worst enemies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. It's idiots like this that are giving the rest of us a bad name. This idiot has taken it upon himself to shoot his mouth off without engaging his brain first and the results speak for themselves.


    Found here...


    He says...

    Let's recap shall we. Most riders on Netrider think it's an attack on riders, but it's only his opinion that it doesn't.

    The TAC said they consulted with riders about the ad and I guess they did. They consulted with an adventure rider who doesn't even feature in the ad. How appropriate.

    Dear idiot, thankyou for giving the rest of us a bad name. You fuckwit.

    But hey it's not us that's judging you, it's time. Let's have a look at the legacy you have left behind for others.

    A targeted media campaign against motorcyclists.
    Police targeting motorcyclists.
    More road rage towards motorcyclists.
    A culture of blame towards motorcyclists.
    The shirking of responsibility towards motorcyclists.
    A division between motorcyclists.
    A state wide culture of hatred towards motorcyclists.

    Gee thanks, your service to motorcycling is no longer required. Go and take a long ride up a short hill.

    He's not the only idiot giving the rest of us a bad name though. There are plenty of others. Whenever you hear of a rider blaming riders for all of our problems, agree with them because it's true. The problems we face in Victoria are coming from outside sources, so whenever we side with those sources or we blame each other they're 100% correct, THEY are our own worst enemies. United we stand and divided we fall.

    If you hear one shooting their mouth off, tell them to get fucked for me please. Cheers.

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  2. he sounds as intelligent as that fark wit that ran over my foot this morning after I filtered past his merc.
  3. Are you suggesting that there was some level of intelligance in this retards actions? complete %%%tard!
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  4. None whatsoever. But his sense of achievement some how managed to go up a point at our expense anyway.
  5. Is anyone else disecting this twats self proclaiming dribble and experiancing rapidly increasing levels of anger?
  6. I thought people here didn't like it because had it been only shown to motorcyclists it would be fine the issue is that its shown to the general public and hence creates the perception that its our fault and therefore increases risk instead of reduces it.

    Everyone here agrees with the general point that if you ride like a Dick you will increase your risk, which agrees with the guy on adv.

    That is a fairly subtle difference maybe someone should point it out.
  7. From what I have read on netrider most members seem to take it as a direct attack on motorcyclists. Some are saying that is makes out that all motorcyclists are hoons. I think its saying that if you ride like a hoon then your chances of accident are increased. That's fair yes? Most times you might get away with it, sometimes you will go under a 4WD. If motorcyclists are all safe responsible people, I would eat my hat. Just yesterday I saw a guy riding a CBR down my main street in thongs, shorts, no gloves popping a wheeling and going about 80kph toward a blind corner. I guess thats who its directed at.

    How come there is always some keen eyed plonka who has seen this guy riding a CBR down the main street in thongs, shorts, no gloves and popping a wheellie while doing 80kph toward a blind corner.
    That ****ing rider sure do get around don't he?

    How do you keep finding these wallies Cheffie, do you have like a twat detector or something?
  8. *Breaking news - 2007*


    Thankyou Dale Maggs, former MRAA President and current member of the Independent Riders Group. Your services to motorcycling are no longer required.

    Riders have a long memory.

    Just another of many examples out in the motorcycling world. The likes of TAC/Vicpol/Vicroads/Vic Gov don't have to cast their nets far to find a muppet who is happy to tell them what they want to hear.

    Remember, every quiz, every question, every poll, every survey, every study, every thing that is asked by the TAC, MUARC, VICROADS and VICPOLICE can and will be used against us. No conspiracy - Fact.

    Motorcyclists aren't angels. None of us are. The moment we try to paint ourselves as angels or we demonize the individuals amongst us they win. That's all they need to target ALL of us. Justification, don't give it to them.

    They currently possess the evidence we're not as bad as they've been making us out to be, but they refuse to release it. They can't target a problem that doesn't exist.
  9. I have a twat magnet!!!

    ...no actually the truth is far more mundane. My internet travels take me far and wide. That's why all that p0rn keeps popping up.
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    Sorry, but just to even the playing fields with the linked thread:
    We are much better riders then they are!!!! Omgwarbattledeathflamemurderkill.....

    Now that i have satisfied my laughter at that post in their thread, i spose I should go watch the ad now so i can come back and edit this post if i have anything useful to contribute to this discussion (unlikely).

    Edit: Pretty sure I just lost more of the precious few brain cells I have left.
    I imagine the ad will do its part to discourage a few from riding, but not those who have long held it as a dream, or those who have the little streak of rebellion against 'the man'.........
    The day I go to Vietnam though, im so going to drive a car..........

  11. Dale Maggs You have spent so much time with there people you have been brainwashed and can no longer think for yourself . .. Get Off Your Knees
  12. The ad that i speaketh of, is one where we are told that our safety is up to US.
    when it first came out, i heard a million or more drivers think, bewdie, it's there own damned fault if they fall off! I'm not responsible for these arskholes on bikes.

    And when one of us goes down, i seem to here a chorus of surrounding cagers recite, that it's his own damned fault, he in charge of his own safety.

    That fekking Ad is fekking OBSCENE in the manner it presents motorcyclists to joe public in his car!

    Can i please have this fekking twat for 5 mins alone in soundproof room. I'll kick his fekkin teeth in then say it's his own fault - he should have a stronger face.

    And since he haunts the adv tourers, one can only assume that his actions are accepted by them! So they're all fekking mr magoo's, apparantly.


    Same as that wipe off 5 ad! Guy was doing 65, instead of 60, so the pedestrian ended up with missing limbs and her head under her armpit.
  13. The clown on advrider may ride a motorcycle - unfortunately that's not an automatic claim to intelligence. He has absolutely no comprehension of the consequences of these types of adverts - which don't work anyway.

    He seems to have taken the money, believed the crap spouted by the people commissioning the advert and now he's trying to justify what he's done to his own conscience.

    By the way - the bit that was left out of that story about Dale was that the idiot involved was doing over 160km/hr up suburban streets with his lights off to avoid cops.

    Dale does need hitting over the head with a blunt instrument on a regular basis to keep him in line - I wore out the piece of 4x2 I had when I was secretary of the MRA and had to buy a new one for JDK when he became president... :)

    Given the nature of IRG members they'll need enough pieces of 4x2 to build a house to stop the dumb comments.
  14. That's gold Tone. You've provided my brekky laugh this morning, thankyou.
    Although I think you'll find the hoon being hung out to dry was sprung speeding on the Eastern twice in one week.
    Regardless, the point is motorcyclists shouldn't be hanging each other out to dry. Next thing you know we'll be having riders lagging each other into the cops. A dogs act is a dogs act.
  15. The second time the idiot turned his lights off and tried to run. They caught him when he turned into a dead end street - not the brightest member of our fraternity. :)

    One of the encouraging things out of the MB meeting was that there was no real disagreement. Even Cheffie and JK were singing in tune - metaphorically speaking, I'm not sure that I want to actually hear either of them singing :)

    But speaking of singing - I think Bob Dylan best described the clown that Cheffie quoted in one of the songs on Blood on the Tracks:

    Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth
    Blowing down the back roads headin' south
    Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth
    You're an idiot, babe
    It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe

  16. I saw what you did there. Do you have a song about being stitched up ya mongrel?
  17. :cheeky:
  18. In part, yes. TAC picked up that motorcyclists do generally tell each other to take responsibility, but that's because car drivers don't. TAC has left out that last part.
    Worse, they are implying/suggesting that the risks are only associated with hooning or breaking the law, and nothing to do with the other road users.

    TAC did the research, but then distorted the results to fit a different agenda.
  19. Some of the posters in that thread have utterly and totally bought the propaganda buried in the ad campaign - hook, line, sinker, rod, fishing boat and the boat's mortgage.

    A ex acquaintence of mine worked on one of the wipe of 5km/h ads. In order to have a demonstrable amount of vehicle damage, they needed to chain the car down so that the collision would produce a visually significant amount of damage. Poetic license distorting the reality. That's TAC for you.
  20. That add is total negative and anti bike,my bet is the general publics interpretation would be,see how they ride,there all maniacs,they get what they deserve,ban them all.Bloody obviates to me.