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We're leaving....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lil, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. ....for crazy humid Cairns!

    Jay's been offered and accepted a new position up there, so we're packing our bags and heading for the land of big bugs and even bigger lizards :grin:

    This has all happened really fast (offered last week, accepted this week and we leave in 3 weeks :shock: ).

    We're looking forward to our new adventure....close to Cape York, Darwin, Broome....oh the opportunities!

    I know we've been socially inept for a while, but we'll be sorry to not be able to see the great people on the forum anymore....keyboard relationships instead :p

  2. Just remember when you get there all the people in cairns cheer for the blues in state of origin so proudly yell go the blues on arrival :LOL:
  3. Good luck on your move. Sounds exciting.

    We stayed in Port Douglas last year. Great place, the resorts are out of this world. Close to the Great Barrier Reef, places to sail to if you're into that.

    Dunno what it's like for bike riding though.
  4. Good luck with everything up there.
  5. Good luck with everything.
    BTW...where are "The Boonies"? Were they close to Cairns?
    Hard to tell how far you're actually going if you keep giving these "fake" addresses.... :grin: :grin:
  6. Yikes lil!

    You guys are going to be sorely missed! :cry:

    Have fun, good luck and all the best...

    Psst, want a tv cabinet or qs bed or some roller blades? :grin:
  7. Smooth sailing you two and a half! :)
  8. I live in Gordonvale (soon to be northern beaches, we hope!) and the Gillies Range is a great little road.

    Lil, I'm glad you and Jay made the decision! Life's an adventure and coming up here has been great for me and Liz.

    We were in Cape Tribulation with my mum yesterday...


    By the beach, a local...

  9. Cairns .. LOOK OUT! Life there will never be the same :LOL:

    Good Luck to You Both
  10. Ceejay, we're looking at houses around Kewarra Beach, so we may be neighbours in the near future!

    We know it will be quite different climate and lifestyle up there, but we love a challenge!
  11. We're off there today, showing mum some of the places we'd like to live.
  12. Just curious, have you looked at a map lately? :-k
  13. Compared to Melbourne, it is WAY closer.

    I was also looking at the Cape York Tours today and Darwin/Broome is an easy 8 day bike ride.
  14. Good luck with the move Lil.

    I absolutely love it up there.
    I found some of the best riding roads that I need to explore on a bike up there.

    Make sure you pop into the Mount Molloy cafe for the best Mexican you will ever experience. The lady is an authentic Mexican and she makes everything herself. They also have the biggest burgers you will ever encounter in your life.
  15. Sorry to lose yet another couple of folks to the north. Much less likely to have bushfire problems up there though. Cyclones and floods, yes, but not bushfires.

    At least you will get a bit of a chance to acclimatise by heading up there in Winter. The first Build Up and Wet Season will no doubt be a challenge, especially with the little one on the way.

    I'm sure it will be a great adventure though. Enjoy! :grin:

    Cejay, the only problem with that image of Cape Tribulation is that you can't actually swim there. In fact, I would be worried about that bloke standing in the surf. Even the locals get taken by crocs around Daintree River, and the Trib.
  16. :eek: how exciting!!! good luck guys :grin:
  17. I think it's been a long time since someone was taken from the sea by a croc. Rivers and creeks are a big no-no and most areas are signed as such. Anyone who goes swimming in the Daintree is either drunk, stupid or both.

    Cape Tribulation beach is no more dangerous than any other and possibly safer than many shark beaches in NSW. And way pretty too!
  18. cejay, now the Stookies, reasons for a visit to the great North are piling up :LOL:

    Needless to say, despite the fact that you will be half a continent away, you have all my very best wishes.

    How does this effect your long-term career with the Golden Arches, Lil?
  19. Brilliant news, i loved cairns - lived there for about 6months of my one year backpacking in days gone by... i loved it loved it loved it...!!!

    How fun for you guys - so much excitement in your life at the moment, hope the move goes well... :grin: