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Were do you go for your service?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. This is mostly to victorians, preferably eastern/south-eastern suburbs, however in the spirit of intrest and community feel free to let us know even if you are not in these areas.

    Anyway... Im due for my 25 000 km service and looking for a good reliable mechanic.

    Ive heard that sharptune in dandynong is good and peter stevens too.

    the bike for service is a -

    Suzuki Intruder VL250
  2. Sorry not really in your area - but from memory there are quite few dissapointed in Peter Stevens. Worth a search.
  3. what's in the 25Mm service? If it's just oil and filter then learn to do it yourself. If you can turn a door knob, you can do this.
  4. The Garage in my back yard,
    I do it myself.
  5. At 25k kms you may need to adjust the chain too. Youll need your user manual and a torque wrench, along with standard socket sets.
  6. sixty degress in Clayton/Notting Hill
  7. +1

    Only way to make sure some dumbarse 16 y.o. apprentice isn't totally f*&king up your bike.
  8. you cannot be serious ???
  9. Brett at Madbiker
    Dean at Dynoverks
  10. Sharptune and Peter Stevens are both crap.
    I use Byrners Suzuki in Seaford but I have heard Redline in Dandenong are quite good, havent used them myself though.
  11. I've mostly used Dynoverks during the past 3 years. Dean and Jason are both great.
    You'll find many highly recommending E2W (Everything 2 Wheels, St Georges Rd, Fitzroy Nth).
    There are countless stories of tremendously bad experiences at PS. If you can help it, avoid these guys (especially CBD service centre) - I speak with personal experience.
    Another one I'm yet to try is 60 degress (Notting Hill) - have heard nothing but immense praise for them. Most definitely where I aim to service either bike soon.

    Good luck.
  12. So byrners suzuki seaford are ok then?

    Also anyone got any more info on E2W
  13. You could try looking here?
  14. I was just there!

    I had a look at the website. Free chain adj and lube! woah.

    So whats average 25k service gunna cost me for a VL250
  15. Yeah Byrners are pretty good. They are reasonably priced and very helpful. Im always in there asking questions about my bike or getting them to check something. They are always happy to adjust and lube the chain for free when im there and cbf doing it myself.
    I had a problem with my oxford heated grips last week, the control panel packed it in, they fitted another one for me free of charge.
    great service.
  16. Just called Byrners suzuki and E2W.

    Major Service - 25000KM

    Suzuki - $250ish

    E2W - $700ish

    ... you do the maths
  17. Although you have said it's a major service, are they both quoting the same thing?

    Get a list of the work each will do for that price. This will show you what you are getting or more importantly what you aren't getting.

    From my experience (somewhat limited) $250 would not get a major service on any bike.
  18. Which one is honest & upfront with you & which one is lying (or wrong)?

    That the way I see it, last (& only) time I took a bike to a shop for a major service it was $700+, that was a ZZ-R250.
  19. True. well. i asked them both and they both told me they would be doing the same thing. Also suzuki was more forthcoming with the details the bloke at E2W was a bit reserved about telling me what he would do and was quite broad in what he said.
  20. Another vote for the shed!