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We're comin down - Edit: We're here

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Charmed, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Charmed coven heading down. ( well 3 of us anyway )
    For how long, well your guess is as good as mine.

    For the lucky lovely people who have either one of our numbers.
    Use them, push some buttons.

  2. Re: We comin down

    If you're coming in the next few days bring ya boat!



    For those who dont know what the area around Sale looks like dry, the links may not mean much.
  3. Re: We comin down

    Yeah gotta head over to Rosedale @ some stage. See the inlaws, since I MUST :roll:
    Have family in Williamstown, Werribee, Melton, Bacchus Marsh, so will be doing the rounds.
  4. Re: We comin down

    YAY for Werribee :)

  5. Re: We comin down

    Well Im sure you have my number floating around there somewhere. Use it, push some buttons :LOL:
  6. Exactly what kind of buttons are we talking about being pushed here?
  7. Ohhhh only the lucky lovely get to know the true answer to that one :wink:
  8. Will we be blessed at Wesside coffee oh charming ones???
  9. Try & keep moi away :wink:
  10. DAMN!!!!!!

    I actually smiled till I noticed the "Lovely" word in there :(
  11. Now Vic, who says your not "Lovely"
  12. List would be shorter if I listed all the people that did say it.

    1. Alexandra
    2. Victoria
    Operation Timed out!!
  13. So can I push your buttons now or what?

  14. BRB, let you know then ....
  15. I worked it out. The numbers HAVE to be between 0 and 9... so I can push your buttons any time.... I'll just also be pushing other peoples buttons as well.

    Maybe I should just pick up the phone and see what happens. I could make someone very happy at random. I'm sure there's a 86 year old grandmother out there who has been waiting years for her buttons to be pushed again.

  16. Is there a que??? :p

    NB: Going to make Tuesday / Boronia?
  17. Not for the lucky lovely :wink:

    Not sure yet, will be in touch on that one. But will be @ Willy tonight

    Oh yeah there is 4 of us. Mr Charmed, CharmedSon2 & 3 & myself
  18. We still here, floating around.
    At this point in time Mr Charmed in Rosedale in with son3
    Got an sms this morn, gotta send out an sos sms to come back :LOL:
    He cant stand it any more, his had enough of visiting his side.

    As for moi. Stayed here @ mum's held the fort down due to family crisis breaking out on Tue.

    So anything interesting happening over the weekend?