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We're becoming shabby chic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Just came across this jacket (see link) on eBay. It co-incides with my walking along the University campus yesterday and smiling at the girl walking toward me, because she was in a bike jacket and so was I, with my helmet. She didn't return the knowing smile but rather the look of 'You're checking me out'. I then realised that she was wearing what looked like my uncle's 70's racing jacket...for fashion! And now this (and more) on eBay. It's not enough that these young boys...young men I mean, now wear their sister's cardigan; now the young girls wear uncle Dale's daggy leathers! What's become of the world? I'm confused!



  2. Haha, I asked a guy while I was in line at the cinemas once what he rode, because he had a jacket like that on.

    Poor dude looked at the ground like he was ashamed to be posing and said "Oh, nothing..." :grin:

    ... so I'm going to start asking the same question to these people on purpose.
  3. Heh, I've been noticing a lot of the men wearing leathers recently too. And I know these guys don't ride...

    I just get the "what a twat" impression from them, but some are polite. Unfortunately Vintage is in, and it use to be cool to wear your boyfriends leather jacket so I guess it makes sense.

    However, they could do with a better model. Her skirt so doesn't go with the jacket in the second link, oh dear! Fashion police! FASHION POLICE!!! =D
  4. You mean to say I've gone to all the trouble of getting my licence, buying a bike and using it daily in order to wear my motorcycle jacket .. all for nothing? :shock:
  5. Sure they ride. Just not bikes


    *shudder* god the things I do for a cheap gag. You don't even want to know what google image search threw back for the term leather men...
  6. The first pic's fantastic!!! :LOL:
  7. Bluesuede that's excatly what I was getting at =D

    I just didn't want to make it so... obvious. haha!

    Last guy who called me an idiot was wearing a jacket of this calibur, had a mail order bride and was driving an toyota echo sedan. Oh and the reason he was calling me an idiot is because I wanted the 5 cents he owed (he was too lazy or something to goto the car).

    It was most comical in the end =D
  8. Actually a fair number of gay leather mean ride motorbikes as well as the other thing, myself included.
  9. A guy at work had a beautiful Ducati jacket that he wore a couple of times before we asked him what model he rode. Haven't seen it in a while :LOL:

    Mind you it was a great jacket and looked pretty cool, shame it had elbow protectors in it, spoilt the casual look of it.
  10. Public nuisance IS a worthy cause at times like these.

    I'm concerned though. My daggy Walden Miller jacket looks like it will be not so daggy.

    I'll have to get me a double chin and some stones in my shoes so I look uncomfortable like him.

  11. Worst part is, a lot of these jackets aren't even leather - they're vinyl copies!
  12. seen a few and asked a few what they ride also... other than the bus they had nothing.. maybe its some kind of tribute to how special we all are.
  13. oh come on, clearly they're
  14. Wow! I think I'll put my old racing leathers (c/w genuine crash damage) up for auction and retire on the proceeds.
  15. as the name suggests anyone want to buy and old bell helmet circa 1970 with bubble visor and a bit of foam in the top for that ultra protection ?.. be the coolest kid on the block.
  16. Just might hold onto that thin black leather tie

    "What a joke"

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :rofl: :popcorn:
  17. One of the benefits of being ancient is that I can remember this all happening 20 years ago :grin: .

    Only difference is, back then I cared.
  18. I'm not one for "stepping out 80s euro future-punk style" but I reckon they look alright, the blue one at least. :eek:
  20. Just putting it out there but, 'That's why they are called "motorbike jacets"'