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wentworthmeister: notches in my belt (my 'big ride' report)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by wentworthmeister, May 10, 2008.

  1. Did my second 'big' ride today. The previous one was about 300kms through the dandenong hills (monbulk, sasafrass, emerald, gembrook, launching place etc). Today was a step up.

    I chased an aprilia rs125 (my mate) for about 7hrs around nth-east victoria through some of the most beautiful countryside i've ever seen.
    Honestly, i'm a succer for natural beauty :oops: ; but seeing places like kinglake, healsville and marysville in full autumn bloom was just fantastic! Riding down the main street in marysville was like riding on an autumn carpet; hundreds of yellow, red and orange leaves on the road that billowed around the bikes into a cloud, just beautiful. Ok i'll stop rambling now :LOL: .

    We rode up to Kinglake along heidelburg-kinglake rd (really tight corners, blind too but wicked fun!), then down to healsville, where we had lunch at the beechworth bakery. Then came the black spur. My mate had done it once, but never i. It was just like everyone describes it - smooth, great bit of road, and busy! Lots of traffic, but not many bikes :? . Oh and not one cop! (they were probably hiding in the bushes). When we were'nt stuck behind traffic we were pushing along comfortably at about 80-90 clicks (it'll be a shame when they lower the speed limit). Anyway i felt like i'd put another notch in my riding belt as it were. :p

    We continued nth-east to marysville where we stopped to stretch (i know that's not far, but cmon; i'm 6'2" on a jap 2fiddy!) and take some photos.

    My ninja in the foreground. Ian and his rs125 behind.

    We then took the marysville-woods point rd, and then the warbuton-woods point rd through the reefton spur. Contrary to the popular rumor, i didn't see any plastic/fiberglass fairing scraps anywhere, which was comforting. That said it is a challenging ride. We were riding through cloud, sometimes it felt like it was raining. The road was quite wet (visibly so), so the going was slower than perhaps it might have been in better conditions. I've never seen a road that has so many corners for such a long distance; the corners almost became a sequence, they seemed to form a pattern.

    We stopped in Warbuton (with leg cramps coming on :roll: ), where we filled up with more of the good stuff ($1.50 for regular - peak oil is 'a comin!). Then we did the hill-climb up to mt donna buang. This section threw everything at us. First came the wildlife: lyrebirds shooting accross in front of us. Then came the fog: visibility down to 50m in some sections. Then the darn fwd driving on the wrong side of the road through a blind corner :shock: :shock: :shock: . And just to cap it all off, for the last km or so the road was covered in all sorts of crap - leaves, sticks, rocks and moss. Yes i said moss!! :LOL: . I was trying not to think about the grip characteristics of rubber on moss...

    The view from the summit was... limited. We were above the cloud line, which was kinda cool, i've never seen the tops of clouds before. It was cold as well. As you can see below my friend and i are part-time posers (just for you of course :wink: ). However we also took some of the bikes only so our ugly mugs don't spoil the mechanical beauty on display :cool:

    The cloud line

    I'm closest to the camera with my baby ninja, Ian's on the left.

    Just the bikes, just for you :wink: :p

    All up we did about 350kms, my furthest ride to date.
    I arrived home extremely sore but buzzing from the experience.
    I feel like i have accomplished something by riding the spur and reefton at reasonable pace, the most talked about roads on netrider.

    But most of all i had fun.
    Ride on :cool:

    P.S. How do you like the pics! That's a 2MP camera phone. Sony FTW!
  2. Now THAT'S a ride report; a bit of everything and pics thrown in :).
  3. Yeah awesome stuff man, I'm almost glad i didn't go though, don't think my shoulder would of held up the entire trip..

    How many tanks of fuel did you go through just the 2?

    Next time you go for a ride half the distance and I'm there!

    BTW I'm from Beechworth (the place the beechworth bakery comes from) and its a great little town with some very nice winding roads to all the other nice little towns neighboring it.

    And i totally know what you saw with all the leaves, beechworth and a little town near by called Yackandandah (mouth full i know) both totally change with the seasons, the leaves go from vibrant green to yellow then orange then red as they begin to fall and cover everything.

    Makes me a little home sick now...

    If anyone has been thinking of going up to the snow or to NSW stop through Beechworth on the way :grin: Go to the INFO center and say hi to my mum for me... (yes she works there)

    Lets ride soon Tom...
  4. congrats on your day out, sounds like you have come a fair way since you started riding.

    cheers stewy :)