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went on the test ride of the hornet today.......yahooooooooo

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by timbo79, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. took the horny one for a long 45min test ride today on the geelong freeway and though williamstown....what a great bike...the roll-on from around 80-km to 120 is fantastic she is so light a nimble well balanced machine......she is so torque and so smooth to ride people talk of the horny like you cant tour with it because it is a naked but i say get naked and go touring the wind blast i found to be non existent even at 160 sure there is wind but nothing you couldn't handle for long distances at those speeds..took her around sum fast bends too she handled beautifully ...all up this is one fantastic bike i could not fault it during my 45min ride i would highly recommend this bike to anyone looking at this type of style bike.....i will have the money for her by next week and the i am buying her.......shame honda ant releasing any more red hornets but the new burnt orange lok nice so i have put a deposit on her....should be 2 weeks......so ill c u all out on the road

    p.s the guy who i followed me was on a speed tripplle and he had trouble keepin up

    safe riding :p
  2. Yeah the windblast only kicks in around 180 I found, and at 245 where the bike hits the rev limiter it's a bit of an issue - but doing freeway speeds it's absolutely fine.

    Faired bikes are nice enough when it's raining, they keep you a bit drier, but below very high speeds, nakeds rule.
  3. Congrats Tim on the new bike... yet another very satisfied Hornet Rider :grin:

    I wonder how long it takes Jeff to start his rave :wink:
  4. NOW!!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Congrats on a great choice............browny just couldn't take the naked look and if he had a go, he would've got one :LOL: :LOL:

    I did a 9 hr, 700k's long way home from the snowy and was comfortable all day long.................happily blasting away without a care in the world.

    Yahoo was the same sentiment I had when I got mine.

  5. congrats on joining the Horneteers!!!!

    the 900 is a kick arse bike, if I was ever to get anything bigger it would be no 1 on my list.

    Make sure you show us the pics!
  6. For all your hornetting needs:

    Top user forum, plenty of knowledge there and a helpful bunch in general.
  7. Re: went on the test ride of the hornet today.......yahooooo

    where does it say 900?
    is it assumed as he's buying new?
    is the 600 here yet?
  8. He's talked about the 900 in a couple of other threads, nee.

    As far as I know, the new 600 won't be here till Q1 next year???
  9. Man, I've got to go test ride on of these, everyone loves them! :grin:
  10. Re: went on the test ride of the hornet today.......yahooooo

    Congrats, glad you enjoyed the ride, nice bike :cool:

    Just checked out Honda Website, that colour hopefully looks better than in the pics. FWIW, IMHO pretty much every bike looks best in black.....

  11. yeah i had a look at the black 900 but it is all black even the engine.when you have a black bike all over the bike dosent look as defined when you look at it you just c black when you have a different colour body paint i reckon that beautiful engine stands out more..... :LOL:
  12. Too much black is never enough :cool:

    And I aint even seen the Orange one, and it's your cash :wink:

    May you have many happy rides together
  13. Congrats and I know once the mind is made up, it's made up :LOL:
    Its a pitty you couldnt get hold of a Bandit though.

    You sure you're not dreamin' when you talk of the speed tripple??????
  14. yeah two wheels im serious and he also said that he had to ride a hella lot harder to keep up. The hornet 9 just does it with ease.....a flick of the wrist and off you gooooooo.........
  15. Don't forget, new (not a Hornet but still really a) Hornet 1000 due soon :grin: