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**Went on my first Road Ride**

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tmg, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hey ya'al! I had my second bike lesson today and well, like I suspected, I got to ride on the road - in traffic!

    it was nuts, we (the instructor and I), went around the new industrial area in Kunda Park - I live on the sunny coast in maroochydore if anyone gets confused of the location...

    >Anyway, from there we went back along maroochydore rd and up the motorway.

    >Through the big roundabout and into maroochydore.

    >Along aerodrome road and alexandra parade into and out of mooloolaba and back along alex parade to sixth avenue.

    >Down sixth and along kingsford smith parade.

    >Cruised along the river and up fishermans road, along main road.

    > Then back to Griffin Honda in Kunda park.

    But farout out! the ride up the highway was crazy! 80 clicks on a bike feels a hell of a lot different than in a car - I was like, "Why the F@#K am I doin this!!!", then I didn't have it in first at the round about and stalled it and was like "I'm gonna die!" :eek:hno:, but I lived, and here I am, exilerated and very relaxed from the bike rattling the crap out of itself even in fifth! :LOL:

    I got in trouble for not stopping behind the instructor though :oops: so I will remember that for next time.
  2. I am not from QLD and don't ahve to go through the instructed riding thing but...

    Isn't the Idea of an instructor that they watch what you are doing then correct your errors?

    So how can they do this if they are not behind you watching?
  3. Haha. I didn't leave my street untill I knew I would never stall, once you get the hang of it you should be fine...but I wouldn't be taking trips in traffic if you're still stalling.

    You should check to make sure your signal light is off at random times as well...
  4. Heh, wait till you take it up to 100+ and your crouched down as low as you can to minimise wind drag so the wee ole 250 can do it's thing. 80 doesn't seem so intimidating anymore.


    Not that I have done such a thing, being on my L's and all... :grin:
  5. Yep that is how Mrs Scumbag felt when she first ventured onto the road. Mind you having the Duke singing its tune the obligatory 3 seconds behind her may have un nerved her a little. She had a ball though and could not wait for the next round the block trip. Now it is when is our next big ride. She is still on the 250 though.
  6. Don't worry about stalling we all do it!

    Well done mate it is a great felling being on the road and we have all experienced that "what the f&^k am I doing?" feeling. It goes away :grin:

  7. Ha Ha one more lesson and you will be licensed to ride a 1000cc super sports , got to love Q-ride :)
  8. Enforcer
    I just kept forgetting to make sure they were off. I am too used to having automatic indicator turnoff in my car. Maybe I should take the fitting out that turns em off when I straighten the wheel, so I gotta turn em off myself.

    The instructor has a good set of mirrors on her bike and she can see me behind and what I am doing. She signalled my blinkers were on that many times...she must be so patient to put up with me. So being behind her is what is meant to happen, coz she knows what she's doing and I don't yet, so I follow her lead.

    Can't wait to get a GSX-R 600 man, 1000cc is a bit too much, and I know for sure that 250 isn't gonna scare me, I got up it today and I felt fine.
  9. What is up with turning the indicators off. My 1981 XS250 turns them off all on its own when i ride up the road. Don't know if it is ment to but if they are left on for a period of time they just turn off.
  10. I ride a Honda CB 250cc in my lessons - they musn't have them.

    I hope my bike I want have them. they help so much.
  11. Learning to rdie in WA...

    I get the feeling Queensland and WA are similair...?

    In WA you have to have someone who's had the equivalent license for 4 years go with you while on Ls.

    My instructor in Perth (Simon at Smartrider) has this great big car park next to him, so for the first 4 or so lessons he takes you there and then he can stand and watch you go putt putt and pick up on a lot of errors that way.

    On road rides he sometimes leads and keeps an eye on you in the mirros. Once you have a bit of experience he'll give you directions, or lead you on a short ride then get you to lead. Works well.

    I've still got a healthy fear of bikes, so I can't even imagine going out on the road second ride. Yikes! Well done to you my friend. :] I probably woulda pooped myself. ;)

  12. thanx stuie! I've had heaps of encouragement from people here and a few other forums and from family and friends and riding is a great feeling :grin:

    I know what it is when people used to tell me "you feel so much more free on a bike' and I do know what they mean by it, and I am so glad that I decided to take up lessons for motorbikes - I'm never gonna look back now!

    Even talking about it is getting me all excited :grin: :LOL:
  13. i did q ride in rockhampton, queensland a few weeks ago, we met at a the go-cart race track bout 40km out of town at 7:30am, and did the intro to bikes and all. then got straight out on the track and started riding, braking, accellerating and turning, counter steering. after lunch bit more riding, emergency braking. then took a ride into town. there was 6 riders plus intructor, i lead everybody and he just filtered through us making sure we were doing everything right.
    bout 6:30 now and getting dark so we headed back to the track. 100km/h highway, first time on the road and in the dark. great fun.
    watched a video and went on our way. full open licence. gotta love qride.
    cheers clint
  14. Recently got my Ls and brought a vstar 250 06 its kind of scary learning to ride on the Great Ocean Road , epecaially since there are so many really fast riders that come down here .100 km feels so fast to me at the moment but am getting used of it .
    Would really like to ride with somebody else learning if anyone is ever down this way .
  15. Since it has the highest fatality rate in the state for motorcyclists it's an interesting place to be learning... :?

    Barwon Roadsafe have a good brochure on riding the Great Ocean Road.
    Roger Northam - the Chair of barwon Roadsafe is a rider and also a member of VMAC.

    VMAC also have a DVD in production on it as well. (That one is levy funded :grin: )
  16. I know it is !
    Received my DVD for safe riding today so will be watching it tonight to get some good tips ,hopefully .

    Hey anybody know were you can get leather pants for smaller people as the size 8 s in the bike shop have a cruch on them that reaches my knees .