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Went for my first ride today!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Chucks, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Took the Spada out for my first spin today ... gave the nearest carpark something to think about and then took the long way back home, hit 60kph for the first time (didn't get it over 25 on the course) and was grinning from ear to ear.

    Just felt the need to share the joy.


  2. lol well done mate
  3. You lucky, lucky person. When I first got my licence I didn't get off it until 3 in the morning and went through 3 tanks of juice. May you enjoy many years of safe and enjoyable riding, don't have too many run ins with the law and always stay upright.
  4. nice man very nice :cool: :cool:, it feels very different 60kph on a bike compared to a car doesn't it. :grin:

    Not to worry dude, you'll get better and better, but the nerves prove more than ever that you're human and have the right to take it at your own pace. Good luck man I can't wait to be on a bike of my own! Had a few lessons already and the license day is gonna be soon I think.
  5. 60 feels so fast the first time, just wait till you hit 80 then 100 ......... :grin:
  6. What petertadhg said, you look back and laugh at your antics regarding, speed, wind, rain and leaning - hope you enjoy it as much as i have so far, good luck.
  7. chucks, it's a buzz the first time, I remember my first ride out came home with a smile from ear to ear :grin:. Hope you have lots of fun and keeps it safe
  8. Ok, first ride has now turned into about the sixth.

    Sucked it up and rode to work on Friday, still grinning from ear to ear.

    Look like going on my first long run on Monday.

    Cheers all

  9. i to am i beginner rider
    i just started now but had a bike for over a month
    i didnt wanna go out riding yet till i had all my gear(boots,jacket,gloves,helmet)
    heaps fun now
    kind of scared at time
    but im getting there
    yeh 60 was fast at 1st but now i can travel at higher speed
    i'll get use to it all , in time
    good FUN
  10. woahh goof! how long were u on ur bike for? 3 tanks! must of been hurting for the first time lol
  11. Good work.

    keep it upright!!

    Take it easy and if its easy take it!!

  12. Way to go Chucks!

    Enjoy and keep yer knee's in the breeze!

    Taz :)
  13. Seems like a lifetime ago now but my first ride on the road was about 2kms away to a friends & I struggled to get to 60k's thought I'd never get used to all the things I had to think about, clutch throttle gears brakes steering to go around corners mirrors head checks. I was so pumped with adrenaline & nerves I was shaking so much I could hardly light my cigarette but I was elated! Your biggest buzz will come when you overtake another learner going at the pace you're at now & think Wow look how far I've come! Enjoy ride safe & above all ride your own & let others ride theirs!
  14. :LOL: that sounds very familiar... although I remember in my first full weekend of having my learners I clocked up about 1,000km's :grin: just couldn't get off the bike, any excuse to go further or for another spin :grin: actually not too much has changed :LOL:

    My first rides in rain, wind, 100km/h etc. are funny to look back on now, even tho it feels like a lifetime ago...

    Keep it fun & keep it upright Chucks :cool: