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Went for my first ride last night

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kowai, May 14, 2009.

  1. Yay :)

    I got my new bike yesterday but seeing as I haven't really ridden since I got my Learners 3 months ago I was pretty nervous!

    I also live in St Kilda - veryyyy busy area!

    My boyfriend and I waited til about 10pm and we took the bike to have a ride around the backstreets :) He was really good, giving me heaps of encouragement and getting me to try things out. He doesn't have his licence yet but he was there giving me support :) I was extremely nervous, embarrassed of screwing up etc etc.. I got to start my bike up infront of a bar full of people :shock: He got me through it though!

    After I'd practiced for an hour or so I finally got up the courage to go for a ride along the beach to Brighton, with my boyfriend following with his car :) It was a 60km zone and I only really sat on about 50kph but it felt so fast! Luckily its a pretty easy stretch of road, it just gets really busy during the day.

    I need -so- much practice with changing gears (I usually drive auto, this is my first vehicle ever with gears) and cornering. However it was a good first ride and there wasn't much traffic at that time of night :) I think we were out until almost midnight? Bike felt really good too but I have to get used to the sitting position, my feet a further forward than I'm used to so sometimes I "lose" the footpegs when trying to put my feet up on them.
  2. Good to hear your enjoying it.

    It will all come with time.

    Only one thing to do now.... get out and do it again.
  3. What bike is it? If we know, there will be people around who can give you a few tips
  4. how good is that feeling when you ride on a main road just as you start riding for the first time on it.

    it's good to have someone there encouraging you as you first start riding it builds your confidence up quickly as it did with me and now I like to try and leave the cage home as much as possible.
  5. First time i went for a ride with my girlfriend, she was in her own car and i was following her. When we pulled up i remember her commenting that i was "so slow..". It didn't make me feel very good.. however in most places I was doing the speed limit and she was pulling away from me. I was pretty much thinking "wtf.." :S

    Good to see your first experience turned out better than mine :grin:
  6. At least it went well!

    Nearly four weeks since I got my learners and I'm yet to go for a ride. Hopefully, though, that'll change tomorrow night.
  7. i dropped my helmet a couple of days after getting it.... my heart just broke as i watched it bounce n roll.....
  8. are you doing the ride to Daylesford on Sunday or the learners ride on tuesday?
  9. Thanks for the comments guys I bought my very sexy looking Hyosung Aquila GV250 (in red and silver - hot!). The bike looks soooo nice, runs really well too but its so obvious when its on that is a learner bike haha Its just not that loud! :LOL:

    I don't know about the group rides yet as I still need a bit of confidence I'm hoping to go out tonight for my second run and this weekend as well so maybe we'll see!

    [​IMG] Heres my new baby! :grin:
  10. Sounds like you have a good boyfriend. Take full advantage of him and let him follow you on some more rides. It's pretty confidence inspiring to have someone there to look out for you and keep tailgaters off your back.
  11. Fixed :p

    Welcome, very nice bike.
    Remember, if you find the cruiser style never gets "comfy" or feels right to you, theres other types out there. Ridings all about discovering what suits you best. Great to hear your bf's supporting you, three cheers for him :)
  12. Great looking bike there Kowai and +1 for the Beach Road ride, it's just built for easy cruising. I had a ride down there 2 weekends ago and the traffic was very light making it a dream ride. Also very easy to get to from where you are so make the most of it. Nothing better than a slow cruise, great view, stop off for a relaxing coffee and then home again. You should get the BF out there on a bike with you as well.

    Don't worry too much about your feet position with the pegs, you'll find that you'll adjust pretty quickly to your bike and it will become second nature with practice. I recently moved into the cruiser world after years of riding sport bikes and for the first couple of days I was trying to change from 1st to 2nd using the side stand! No problems now though so stick with it.

    Great that you've got a supportive boyfriend as confidence in what you're doing will help your learning.
  13. Hahaha thanks guys ;) I will take advantage of him! :p

    Its so good to hear about other people having trouble or making mistakes when they first start too cause I guess, you're just on your own and you feel like you're the only one in the world who makes all these mistakes! You also feel like you have a big ass spotlight on you so everyone can see!

    I'm so lucky that my boyfriend is really supportive and will drive around after me :) So nice of him! I think he really wants to make sure I'm confident too, and that I'm a safer rider so I don't get into trouble. He even encouraged me to spend more on my helmet, to get a better quality/better fitting one, cause he was worried about my safety. It was really touching!

    Thank god though while he wants me to be safe, he's totally supportive about me wanting to ride a bike, and he'll be going for his licence too in the near future :) He's just saving up for it! Then -I- get to watch him freak out! :grin:
  14. Sounds like you are doing well. Just keep practicing and it is amazing how fast it will all come together.

    Since you still haven't got much time up on the bike yet, keep going into quiet suburban streets and doing a bit of practice doing turns. Just keep riding round the block but don't forget to go clockwise and anti clockwise so you practice left and right turns.

    Riding around a park is good as you often get much clearer views across corners.

    Beach Road out of peak should be pretty safe. Only thing to watch is tailgaters (your boyfriend behind you should sort that) and losing it if you have to brake in a hurry. The way to overcome that is to practice some emergency braking back in the quiet streets. Start from a low speed and gradually build up. Just remember don't slam them on and also main braking is done with the front brake, so you need to overcome any car driving habits of jumping hard on the foot brake. Plenty of advice on technique in the forums so just do a search if you need to.

    Also it is a good idea to practice some low speed (walking speed) riding and tight turns in a quiet car park. This will help to avoid those embarrassing low speed drops which can occur usually in front of a crowd.

    Good luck and stay safe.
  15. will be riding back up beach road tomorrow morning on my way back from the peninsula. may see you on the road carving a turn or 2 :grin:
  16. Haha you'll see me going super slow and screaming "Get away from me cars!" :wink:
  17. ok if i see a cruiser with a car up its ass i'l know its u and ya bf. Take it easy and stay upright :)
  18. I went for my first few rides in the past 24 hours! First ride was to the petrol station and back, since we thought the tank was running low. During the day, so there was some traffic around. Only had one minor mishap turning into my street heading home, but fortunately there was no traffic and I didn't drop the bike, so no harm done.

    My second ride was to the local shopping plaza's car park and back, since my mum isn't confident enough to drive on the road yet and our street isn't much good for practice. No mishaps at all in the second trip.

    I've told mum that if ever she wants to go and practice in the car park before she's confident enough to go out on the road, then I'm more than happy to take the bike to the car park for her. All she has to do is waltz along in the car to get there and back.
  19. Hahahaha! So true!

    I'll be having a run around Brighton this afternoon/tonight I think, then bringing the bike back over to St Kilda later when its not so busy :) I finally got my alarm/disc lock for it so I feel a -tiny- bit better having it back at my place :wink:

    skenasis congrats on your first few rides!! That sounds about what I'll be doing with my bike for my next few rides :grin: Small, local trips!