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went for my 1st big ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by scotts RR, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. for all u qlders how good is mount glorius.......... im in love. my 1st all day ride and it was so fun. i only have a 250 at the moment, but after seeing what all the other bike where doing i cant wait to get my 600.

  2. You should have included an "I'm ashamed but I haven't tried it yet" option :oops:.
  3. Nicarus: I haven't ridden Glorious yet either... Or Nebo! :oops:
  4. So far the only one I have done is Tamborine, which was fun but I have nothing to really compare it to. I think I need to pull my finger out and go for another big ride one weekend.
  5. Haven't done Glorious yet, either, but when you live as close to the border ranges and GC hinterland as I do, it's hard to justify riding so far north to ride some twisties.
  6. heya scotts. welcome aboard.

    Yeah the glorious run is awesome isn't it. a couple of blind corners that you shoul dbe careful of but othewise nice curves to teset your mettle on :) definitely go out to the next mountain, MT Mee as well... thats fun too. is lots of good roads around there. althouh i've only been there once myself, still remember it as a really fun ride! hope to get out that way again pretty soon.
  7. Glorious is ok but gets a bit busy with the boys in blue...my preference is the Boonah run then maybe kyogle and the lions rd for an extra blast..In my opinion of course
  8. Ah, my playground! Right in my backyard! :grin:
  9. Yeah, Glourious is great fun, Especially out the back after you come down off the real twisty mountain section. Have you done the Samford Vally road which comes off the saddle between Nebo and Glourious? It's good as well. As is the run down off Mt Nebo running towards The Gap.I'm lucky, I live 20 mins away from the Base of Mt Nebo so that is my usual hangout. But I'm getting a little bored of them.

    Done Mt. Mee twice, that was awesome fun as well. Try that run. Don't really like Mt. Tambourine though. Too congested and... i was never really taken by the roads. Maybe someone has to show me the good roads up there . :grin:

    I went through the Gold Coast hinterland last week. My god... that place is wicked fun. Especially comming back from Murwillumbah into Currumbin Valley.

    Anyway, just a few more places to try.
  10. yeh the run down to samford is great..... nearly came unstuck on 1 of thoses 40km corners :oops: us tmba/ bris boys should orginse a run.....
  11. For a change you could try a run to a small village called Nobby and try Rudd's pub for a top meal...I'll let you lot find out where it is!