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Went for a ride with the Bikers that meet at Krispy Kream

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Last night i went for a ride with the boys and "girl" that meet at krispy kream liverpool. It was great and they were cool guys well evereyone except "thecptn" lol ... if your a learner you should come down on thursday night and ride with them. there is only 3 learners including me. but it will be nice to have some other slow riders.

    The guys were good. I stalled it on a hill and the traffic was banged up behind me and one of the other riders who was behind me a few cars lane splitted and came up to make sure i was ok . i kind of freaked out but when i stalled it but it all worked out.. i enjoyed the fact that they were all cool guys and "girl"..

    Also if your a girl you should come down and ride with us so far there is only one girl so come and keep her company
  2. I wish i lived closer to do some rides. No body is near me when you live out in the sticks such as Romsey.
  3. wheres Romsey ??? is that in NSW
  4. Nah mate. Its 70 odd km north of Melbourne.
    Look at nightgash's profile. :p

  5. Hey Komunista, No its near Hanging Rock in Victoria, north of Melbourne Airport
  6. Re: Went for a ride with the Bikers that meet at Krispy Krea

    Why do you keep putting those inverted commas on girl... Had to be asked.
  7. sure he wasn't referring to you Loth? :p
  8. Nightgash you dont come down Oaklands Road - Konagaderra Road when you come into Melbourne by any chance?

    We are on acreage in Mickleham
    our property overlooks Konagaderra Road and we see a fair bit of bike traffic

  9. who did you mean by "thecptn"

    which bike were you riding Kom? I was there with a friend but left early before the ride.
  10. have you met this guy? it's fav hangout for the peeps from that forum...
  11. Hey Nightgash, I often ride out to Gisborne, Mt Macedon, Kyneton , Daylesford etc...we should hook up for a ride sometime. Just PM me mate, I am always up for a ride and some company ! :)
  12. :rofl:
  13. Ya, unfortunately o-roads seem to like kk's too, but these guys are a group called road rocket riders, that guy don't ride with us, lol. Was there when that happened though... that was a fun night!
  14. No Dwn2Mel, I have only just got the bike and only been around the Macedon Ranges Shire.

    Hopper where do you live? Maybe we can do a ride to the black spur, as everyone seems to rave about it on here.
  15. Thats GREAT Nightgash as that means your not the little shit who cuts me off when i turn onto Sunbury Rd from Oaklands Rd in the morning or the same one who split between 2 MOVING TRUCKS on the freeway the other day :shock: :twisted:

    When you said where you lived I wondered ....... and hoped it wasnt you

  16. Re: Went for a ride with the Bikers that meet at Krispy Krea

    Cause there was only one girl on the ride and it wouldnt have made anysense if i wrote girls or just girl without highlighting it
  17. are you sure it wasn't because the 'girl' was a guy?
  18. Hey Tracey, maybe we could go on a ride together seeing you live near me.
  19. That would be fantastic Nightgash!!

    We just come back from a decent ride now actually
    over to Berwick to New World Honda
    looking at another bike for me to possibly update to

    Ok Speaking of Krispy Kreams (ok not really but)
    on the way through we stopped in at the city to see if PS was open and as they were not we drove past where my work is supposed to move mid year....right next door to Krispy Kreams :shock: My god I am devestated :cry:

  20. MAN do you guys still hang out at KK.... :shock:
    is that every day thing? :p