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Went for a ride today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Well I went for a ride today and a had a great time. Was going to go with Geoff (zrx1200r) but he had some last minute issues and couldn't make it :(

    I included some highway, town riding and gentle twists in the journey. Still hesitant with windy curves....but getting better.

    Nice ride and the weather held off (although a bit breezey). Can't wait to go on a ride with you lot :grin: :grin:

    Had a car try to take me out by deciding my lane was better than their's and not checking :evil: Tested out the brakes....they work well!!

    Also had a tailgater on the freeway..... was WAAAY to close to me. I would like to thank the 3 riders , whoever they are, who pulled in around me and basically pressed the point to the driver to back off. :grin: Thank you!
  2. I almost made it up there today.
    Made it as far as Dalesford.
    Good roads, just a bit windy today.
  3. Yeah was windy alright...... at least there was no rain :)

    If you head this way again let me know and i'll join you for the ride.
  4. isn't it cool when other riders help u out like that.
  5. How I would love to have these "Knights" around me when I ride ......
  6. good stuff drew!
  7. I'm looking to do a return trip to bendigo soon.
    Drew, i'll let you know when this is planned.
    I just have to clear it with the 'boss' first.
  8. Cool let me know... Kyneton to Bendigo is a decent ride....on the backroads that is....Kyneton, Metcalfe, Sutton Grange, Sedgwick Spring Gully, Bendigo.

    And yeah having some unknown riders just pull in and force the issue a bit was great..... just goes to show that bikers will help each other out..... as no one else is going to.

    And why do i have to go to work tomorrow???? i wan to go for another ride!!!
  9. glad you had a good day drew.. awesome to hear about those riders helping you out too.. that just goes to show how far some riders will go to to help others out doesnt it.
  10. That's pretty cool about the other riders Drew. Must've made you feel pretty good!

    Can't you ride to work? :)
  11. kinda suprised me at the time but a thumbs up from one of them and all was great :grin: i think it gave the cager a bit to think about too....wasn't just a newbie learner anymore.

    oh and i have a sore neck from nodding at the 15,000,000,000,000 riders who were also out for a ride :LOL: ..... everyone must have broken out of the house for the day
  12. Can you let me know too ?? I would depart around Heathcote & would prefer to ride with others rather than on my own, providing that when youre going the time suits & all that ... if not this one then maybe the next?
  13. Heathcote or Harcourt??
    Heathcote is on the Hume/McIvor Hwy.

    Either way i'm sure we could arrange a suitable route.

    Guess i'm gonna have to get some more practice in on the Hwy huh?
  14. Dont worry about the hwy stuff - Im not at hwy speed myself yet. I can head inland from any point really but I need someone to help get me from here to out of the burb's.

    I probably could cut off from Kyneton along the Kyneton - Heathcote Rd but I know gets tricky after Mia Mia because of the blind bends & surprise oncoming stuff but if you can think of somewhere else I can cross thats safer Im open to suggestions.
  15. Drew I'm sorry I couldn't make it today.

    Castlemaine Hospital rang to say that my mother (who is a palliative care patient there) had taken a turn for the worse so I needed to spend the day with her.

    Just got home and I'm glad you enjoyed your ride.

    Will try and catch up another time.
  16. No worries Geoff, family first, bikes second. Hope things are ok.

    Nixon Chic, if we go to bendigo you could always head back down the Mcivor.... .. once we get a date we'll get the map book out ok?? :grin:
  17. I have applied for a leave pass.
    So, how about Sat 23rd.

    I will need to get a map out later,
    Probable trip will be;
    Melb - Kyneton - Metcalf - Bendigo - Maldon - Castlemaine - Kyneton - Melb.

    No dirt or gravel.

    If there's enough interest, I'll add it to the calendar
  18. I'd suggest when you get to Maldon...

    1. Go for the short run up the Mt. Tarrengower hill climb road to the lookout up the top of the moutain. The view is to kill for :)

    2. Have a quick look at the Maldon Motorcycle Museum (gold coin donation), not huge but interesting. It's in the main street near the BP garage.
  19. i'll check with the boss tonight..

    Should be ok though :)