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went for a ride through the twisties.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tmg, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Not on my bike though, as it still needs a few little things done to it to get it on the road, I used a bike at the Q-Ride place - a CB400...But man it was at LEAST half the weight of mine.

    things started out well, felt really good to be back on a bike, on the road again. As soon as the twisting corners came though, I learnt how rusty I had become with road riding. The last ride I went on wasn't nearly as winding as this one and was really only through suburbia, whereas this time it was a bit more remote and unforgiving.

    One thing I can't get out of my head was how damn far I had to put the bike over when cornering, it scared the daylights out of me and at times I thought I was going to go down...thank god I didn't.

    I did get to test my helmet out as well, and the verdict isn't good. Pressure on my forhead because it apexes at the top and that's where the pressure is, and after an hour it was unbearable and I felt like throwing up it was that bad. I need to go back to the bike shop sometime and see if I can swap it for a different brand. I should've been more careful when selecting a lid.

    Wasn't the best ride I've been on, but hey, not every ride is meant to be. It'll be better when I'm riding mine someday.
  2. pressure on the head also slows down your heart rate.

    this is a built in mechanism to avoid burst blood vessels in your brain should your head be exposed to pressure. just as a babies head is compressed upon entering the world ;)

    definitely get a different lid :)
  3. Forget about taking the helmet back... it's a tad rude of you to expect them to take it (I'd be pissed off if I unwittingly bought it).

    Shave some polystyrene from the brow of the helmet. Ignore that voice in your head that says 'but if I touch my helmet I'll render it DEADLY!!' and make it comfortable.
  4. I took my helmet back and swapped it for a different size. I don't think they'll have an issue with swapping it over provided it's still in good condition. It's no different to returning anything else.
  5. I'll try to swap the helmet and add any addtional funds to the purchase of a better one. If not, it's a lesson learned and I could probably sell it to a mate anyway, as he's got a bigger head than me so it would fit him fine.

    The blood vessels issue sounds bloody scary joel, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was what was causing my vision to go a bit blurry towards the end of the ride. I was never so glad to take off a helmet before. I ain't gonna try the foam removal tactic either Heinz...I don't want to make it null and void if it turns out I can return it.

    Damn it I am such a wanker being so hasty.